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Robyn Dixon Accused Of Owing Nearly $90,000 In Back Taxes

Does any Housewife actually pay their taxes?

The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Potomac is currently in production and Robyn Dixon already has a built-in storyline that involves her taxes. Looks like she's stealing Karen Huger's thunder...

According to court documents obtained by Bossip, the IRS has accused Robyn of not paying taxes on her reality show income from 2015 to 2017. The government filed tax liens against the reality star turned umbrella choker last week and are claiming she owes $86,465 in back taxes. We already know Robyn has no money, so I have no idea where she's going to pull almost $90K from.

The Potomac Housewife started earning a steady income when she began starring on the show back in 2016, and the feds are claiming she hasn't paid taxes on any of the money she earned from the Bravo reality show. The court documents state Robyn owes $4,057 from 2015, $34,030 from 2016 and $48,377 from 2017.

Wow, oh wow.

As we all know, this isn't the first time Robyn has faced some financial trouble, she revealed back in season one that she and her husband's friend conned them out of all their money which forced them to file bankruptcy in 2013 and move to a townhouse in the outskirts of Potomac.

The court documents of the 2013 bankruptcy case state Robyn personally had less than $50,000 in assets but debts of more than $200,000 at the time.

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I'm not even mad at Robyn for not paying her taxes because as we know, finance isn't her strong suit. I just hope she can bounce back from this situation like she did last time and come back stronger than ever because I don't wish IRS trouble on anyone. Well, maybe Michael Darby.

Over on Beverly Hills, they'd probably be able to avoid talking about a tax lien, however, after the girls pressed Karen over her husband's tax drama two seasons ago, Robyn will definitely have to face this situation next season. Another reason to tune in...

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