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Meghan King Edmonds Questioned By Police About Ability To Care For Her Children After Night Out Drin

It's been a rough month for MKE.

Just when the dust started to settle on this situation, Jim Edmonds decided to call the police on his estranged wife, Meghan King Edmonds, questioning her ability to look after their children. This thing is so fucking messy, I can't take it. Let me set the scene of this fucked up situation...

According to Us Weekly, on Wednesday, November 6 Jim stayed home to put his children to bed, for the first time since filing for divorce, while Meghan went out and had a few glasses of wine with friends and didn't drive home. The next thing Meghan knows, it's 10.30 pm and she's washing her face in the bathroom when the police arrive at her house.

The officer told Meghan that Jim had called 911 because he was worried she wouldn't be able to care for their kids. Um. Are you fucking kidding me? Is this a joke? Jim is out there fucking everything with a pulse, but when Meghan decides to have some wine with friends he gets the cops involved? Can we cancel this douchebag already?

The police asked Meghan if she felt "comfortable and capable" to take care of her children, and she responded saying "Of course, yes!” The reality star turned mother of three then asked the officer: “In your personal opinion, do you think that I am in any way, incapable, of taking care of my three little baby children who are totally desperate for a parent?” After the officer pulled a Mariah Carey and repeatedly told Meghan "he doesn't know her," he concluded saying she was okay to look after her kids.

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While the police were inside the house questioning Meghan about her ability to be a mother, Jim was outside accusing Meghan of cheating on him with the guy who drove her home. Really, Jim? Really? He needs to shut the fuck up and take several with that prepubescent nanny instead of accusing Meghan of having an affair. Jim apparently offered to sleep on the couch for the night, which thankfully, Meghan rejected.

The insider told the outlet how humiliated and disgusted Meghan was by the police coming to her home in the middle of the night to question her ability to be a parent. Meghan puts her heart and soul into being a mother, and to have your estranged husband who couldn't give less of a fuck about his three children question your ability to be a parent, is a slap in the fucking face. The insider shared:

“Meghan was appalled. She has never been anything short of a fantastic mother. Meghan had never been so humiliated in her life.”

They also shared that Meghan believes Jim called the cops to get back at her but then realized he definitely fucked up by doing so. According to the same outlet, Jim did confirm he called the police but claimed he was doing so to protect the situation and not to get Meghan in trouble. Yawn.

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