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Shade of the Week: The Halloween Party From Hell

This is a departure from my usual coverage of reality stars and their messy yet entertaining lives and I don’t want to bother you guys with this rant but after the outpouring of support and questions I've received from you guys on Instagram, I decided to write this article to address what happened, use it as my own form of therapy and attempt to move on from this disgusting situation.

It was supposed to be a nice, mostly quiet Halloween party with friends but what happened was scarier than any horror movie I've ever seen and what was supposed to be a pleasant backyard party filled with cupcakes, jack o'lanterns and spooky music transformed into to a stampede of terror, violence and hate speech. My sister decided to host the party with around 30 people in attendance, at 9.15 pm guests started to arrive while my friend was taking cute thirst pics to post on Instagram and by 10 pm thugs were trampling my fence. My 16-year-old brother who lives at home invited his friends over to the party. They weren't invited and they weren't wanted, but they took it upon themselves to constantly annoy and taunt us by making dumb comments and refusing to leave, which of course resulted in us telling them to go the fuck away.

Soon the general annoyance turned to them trying to assert their dominance in the most erratic way while also abusing our guests as they walked into the party. My friend and I entered my room for five minutes and by the time we emerged, girls were running up to us saying my brother's friends had threatened to rape them. These girls I've known since high school were in the bathroom when a 16-year-old thug who can only be described as The Cunt, repeatedly tried to barge into the toilet as they were peeing and when he was told to go away, he threatened to rape them, spat on them and called them sluts. Of course, The Cunt and all his friends said it was "just a joke" but when you're a young woman, in your friends bathroom just trying to go to the toilet, with a tall, muscular guy making an unprovoked threat to rape you for no other reason than to be an asshole, there's nothing funny about it.

After we received that disgusting news, my sister and our friend who was co-hosting the party burst into my brother's room to confront the pig who had made their friends feel uncomfortable in what they thought was a safe space. Quickly, the confrontation in my brother's room turned to my friend and sister yelling at them, which was nothing but comic relief for the disgusting pigs who just laughed and defended their actions. From the start of the night, I made a conscious effort to stay away from the escalating situation because of all the times they've called me a faggot and used other homophobic slurs in the past, when I yell to defend myself they think it’s comical because I’m less of a human in their eyes. Just a faggot. So I consciously stayed away from what I thought was redundant drama.

At one point the group of misogynist scum thought it would be a great idea to chant "tits out of the boys" in my kitchen, obnoxiously spewing their hate speech through the party. This wasn't their party and it wasn't their house but they wanted to make it clear they were the ones in charge. More and more Ubers kept arriving bringing these uninvited cunts to our party and when it got to the point where we knew they wouldn't leave my sister was just trying to contain the toxic masculinity to my brother's room. Of course, it didn't work and after spitting on two girls they had already threatened to rape while simultaneously calling them sluts, the girls retaliated physically and gave the pigs exactly what they wanted. They tried to provoke everyone with evil threats and hateful names, purposefully not throwing the first punch, so that when it turned physical they could say they were just retaliating.

Following the altercation which happened at the front of my house, the violence peaked from there. Suddenly what was a fight between two people transformed into an all-out brawl down my driveway that just kept growing and growing like a tornado, before long the brawl turned into a stampede where the uninvited scum decided to violently chase our guests up the driveway, trample our fence to the floor and take out anything in their path. I was having a peaceful cigarette out the back of my house, talking to friends and trying not to let those pigs define our night, but when I saw the brawl break out in the driveway I got my phone out and decided to start filming to prove to my mum that we weren't in the wrong. However, when the brawl turned into a stampede, I ran for my fucking life. I have never felt the amount of terror or fear I felt when I saw those thugs demolished our fence and throw punches in any direction they could because everyone was a target. It was sheer terror.

I tried to hide people around the side of my house to escape the brawl while standing from the sidelines. As they were running through my friend who had stepped in to try and defuse the situation was literally stuck between a bin while punches were being thrown over her head. My sister had to hide people in her room to avoid being sucked into that black hole of violence. Punches were being thrown and the strong guys, who were invited to the party, had to step up and defend everyone else. During the mayhem, one of those slimy little cunts through a brick through my sister's window which had a room full of people on the other side. Throwing a punch is one thing, but smashing a fucking window with a brick is just a cowards act because you're not even brave enough to see the damage you're doing. It's a miracle nobody was harmed because if someone was in the wrong spot, they would be dead. When the brick went through, I knew it was an all-out riot and started filming the remainder of a fight because I knew we would need some kind of proof to bring these cunts to justice.

After they got a few more punches in, we managed to push the toxic masculinity out of our party where they scurried away in Ubers, leaving all the witnesses and victims shaking, crying and scared. They even tried to hijack the Ubers of our terrified guests who were trying to flee. While they were on the way out, one of the pigs thought it would be a great idea to call my black friend the n-word, while two ignorant assholes chanted the hate speech from across the street and chased our other guests down the street throwing bottles. By the time the police showed up, there were still getting into their Ubers but, of course, they let them go without any question. To the police, this was just a house party gone wrong, not a violent rampage that terrorized everyone involved. We're still trying to follow up with law enforcement on the situation, however, considering these thugs do this every single weekend and continue to get away with it, I don't see them having consequences for their actions.

One of the people who was assaulted had blood and cuts all over his face, the only other time I've seen anyone's face like that was Rihanna after Chris Brown. It made me instantly start crying and I can't even fathom how somebody can willingly inflict that kind of pain on someone else. I'm one of the lucky ones who wasn't physically harmed and I still have reoccurring nightmares about the night and constant anxiety from the fear I felt from their disgusting rampage, so I can't even begin to imagine how the actual victims feel following the situation. Everyone who was at the party is going to live the rest of their lives with some level of trauma from that night and those pigs couldn't give a quarter of a fuck. Celebrities get canceled left and right for a racist tweet from 10 years ago, but these assholes can run around spewing sexist, homophobic and racist comments and be proud of their actions. Violence against women and the #MeToo movement is a massive thing, so it's crazy to see people blatantly and unapologetically behaving this way.

You see people use that language in movies or on the news, but I never imagined it would happen in front of my eyes and to people I care about. My 16-year-old brother sits idly by and laughs every time his friends call me a faggot and allowed them to call my best friend who he has known since he was 10 a racial slur and not say anything. These kids don't even understand the weight of the words they're using. Even if they didn’t commit these acts, they're still standing by and defending their actions which is just as bad and allows them to continue to act this way. It blows my mind that people like that actually exist in this world let alone the fact they're 16-years-old who are supposed to be our future. It makes me sick that I share DNA with someone who can not only perpetuate that behavior but condone and defend it. Rampaging through our home was a "successful" night to these assholes and they weren't going to leave until dehumanized everyone there. They are so dumb that violence and petty insults are the only tool they have.

Since that night, my friends and I have posted pictures of the scum who did this and several young girls have come forward telling us their own stories of how they these same boys have threatened to rape them at other parties, and these are just the girls who were brave enough to come forward. Can you imagine all the other people out there who have similar stories but were too scared to speak out due to the threat of violence and abuse from those pigs? Obviously by posting about this on social media I've become a target to this group of bullies, however, I have to do every time in my power to attempt to stop what they're doing because if I found out The Cunt or any of these boys raped a girl at a party next week, I would never forgive myself.

As of right now we are continuing with discussions with the police and trying to warn everyone about the havoc these idiots wreck on innocent people because they've done this so many times, but they never get caught. They're all still doing what they're doing with zero consequences for their actions and no remorse for their victims. The scariest part is that this was just ONE incident they've been involved in and as a Libra, I want to fight to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again. Obviously, it would be ideal to teach them this behavior isn't okay, but they are so warped and closed-minded, they don’t see anything wrong with their values. They have no morals, no humanity and they think this is how to be a man. They love the control that comes with instilling fear in people, they get off on it and it’s a fun activity for them.

These pigs are everything that's wrong with the world and we won't stop until we achieve justice for what happened that night to send a message that this behavior is far from acceptable. Thank you all for your loving messages that have shown me there truly are some amazing people in the world and that these rats are just the minority.