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Tamra Judge Slams Her "Fucked Edit" This Season & Says Producers Didn't Show Why S


This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County the resident shit-stirrer role has gone to Tamra Judge, however, the long-time Housewife is now blaming editing for her looking like the villain of the show and claimed the producers left out why she believed Shannon Beador was behind all the telephone drama on Tuesday's episode.

Following the episode airing, Tamra took to her Instagram story with a boomerang of her and Shannon together at the reunion, underneath a message where she addressed the villain edit she's received this season.

In her post, Tamra "THAT'S MY OPINION" Judge said she's sick of getting the "fucked edit" this season, and revealed there was a reason she believed Shannon had something to do with the drama, but they didn't show it.

Tamra also denied saying anything bad about Shannon, claiming it was all a setup and that we'll all discover who the real snake soon. Let me take a guess who she's referring to? Kelly Dodd? In more positive news, she said she and Shannon are still best friends so I guess it isn't all bad.

Following her post, Tamra replied to fans on Instagram telling the truth about what actually happened behind the scenes and it proves there's so much more that goes on than what we see. The Housewife said everything Kelly accused her of saying about Shannon, were actually things the Cunt Caller said about Shannon herself and claimed it will come out at the reunion.

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Tamra also said she believed Shannon was behind everyone hating her because she was telling her to pick a side between Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly, and Tamra wouldn't. And in the flashback of Tamra "talking shit about Shannon" to Kelly, she revealed the conversation was actually about the CUT Fitness owner telling Kelly that Shannon was telling her to a pick a side, which we did see Shannon do on the car ride over to the restaurant in last week's episode.

The most interesting part of all is this, is that Tamra also said she received a phone call telling her Shannon was behind everything, but she now knows the phone call was only to manipulate her into fighting with her bestie - and it worked. Tamra didn't say who the call was from but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out it was from a producer.

Everyone always gets annoyed at me for being a Tamra apologist, however, I don't think she's the evil snake everyone makes her out to be. There's definitely a lot more to the story and there's a ton of footage the producers aren't showing us. However, even if Tamra does look like a bitch, she's still stirring up drama and giving us all a reason to watch.

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