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Tinsley Mortimer Skips RHONY Filming & Reportedly Quit The Show

Another one bites the dust. Allegedly.

Rumors have been swirling online that Tinsley Mortimer has quit The Real Housewives of New York City to be with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Scott Kluth, and now sources are coming forward to more or less confirm these reports.

A few weeks ago Tinsley and Scott confirmed they were dating once again and made an appearance at the Big Apple Circus, which ironically was where Tinsley screamed "I'M FUCKING MISERABLE" last year because her boyfriend never bothered to show up.

According to Page Six, the socialite turned reality star ditched filming to fly to Chicago to be with the Coupon King, which is making everyone think she quit the show. Sources told the outlet:

"Mortimer was due to be at the Eventi Hotel in Midtown to shoot with the rest of the cast, but [sources] say she’s in Chicago, where her boyfriend, Coupon Cabin founder Scott Kluth, lives."

The outlet is also claiming that Scott has picked out an engagement ring for the New York Housewife. I'm sure that will go over really well with Tinsley's judgemental costars who ganged up on her last season over her relationship with Scott and her finances.

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Apparently, the insiders also told Page Six, this isn't a "storyline" for TV and Tinsley is ready to put her relationship ahead of the reality show. I'm all for love, but Tinsley has got to be her own woman and not quit her job just to be with a man. Period. End of story. It's also just plain unprofessional for her not to show up to work. Even though the entire cast is certain Tinsley is quitting the franchise, the same sources told the outlet she'll still be involved in the show to some capacity.

This upcoming season is shaping up to be a clusterfuck. Bethenny Frankel quit hours before she was scheduled to start filming, Tinsley is (allegedly) leaving midseason, newbie Elyse Slaine was brought in halfway through filming and Jill Zarin ALSO has been caught filming with the group. Can Bravo just give that woman an apple already? It's just rude at this point.

A Bravo fan Instagram account, named bravo_mentionitall, also leaked text messages hours before the Page Six article dropped, which stated Tinsley and Scott have quit the show and the producers called her mother Dale and threatened to blackball her daughter from TV if she doesn't return. This (allegedly) caused Tinsley not to answer her mom's calls. D-R-A-M-A.

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