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Vicki Gunvalson Sues Kelly Dodd & Bravo For Defamation And Could Be Banned From Upcoming RHOC Re

Are Housewives even allowed to sue each other?

It's no secret Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd have been involved in an ugly feud for the last two years, however, now the OG of the OC is taking legal action against her enemy for talking shit about her on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Normally it's in all Housewives contracts that they can't sue each other for defamation, because that's literally their job, but that didn't stop Vicki.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a woman named "Jane Roe" is suing Kelly, Bravo, and NBCUniversal over things Kelly said about her in an upcoming episode in Key West. The comments that Kelly said to spark this lawsuit were "you prey on older people," "you are a con woman," and "you engaged in fraud."

Well, Kelly's not exactly wrong...

Along with suing Kelly for defamation, Vicki is also demanding Bravo take her enemy's comments out of the episode as they could affect her insurance business. The demoted OG claims she asked the producers in writing to remove the comments, explained why each comment was a lie and stated she's never been sued during her business career.

As for the name she filed under, Jane Roe, we know it's definitely Vicki who filed this lawsuit because in the documents, "Jane" claims to be a reality TV personality on RHOC and the president of an insurance and financial services company. Why the fuck would Vicki go to the lengths to file this under a fake name but then give away such revealing information that proves it's her? That doesn't make sense.

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Out of everything that has been said about Vicki Gunvalson over the years, is she really going to go to such dramatic lengths just to have three insults removed? In a turn of events, Vicki dropped the lawsuit against Bravo and NBCUniversal (probably because they threatened to fire her) however, she is still suing Kelly. If she dropped her legal action against the network then that definitely means we'll still get to see those comments in the upcoming episode.

A "source" revealed to Radar Online that Vicki would be banned from the upcoming reunion if she doesn't stop the lawsuit against Kelly, and although I never believe anything those idiots publish, that seems pretty reliable given the fact that Bravo HATES when Housewives sue each other, which is part of the reason Adrienne Maloof was fired. The source explained:

“Vicki will not be allowed at the reunion if she continues her suit against Kelly."

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