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Lauri Peterson's Son Stabbed In Jailhouse Fight

Don't do drugs kids.

When we met Lauri Peterson's son Josh Waring back in 2006 he was already addicted to drugs and in and out of juvie, so almost 14 years later nothing much has changed, in fact, it's just gotten worse. Josh has been locked up since 2016 and is currently awaiting trial for his attempted murder case. Yep, that's right, he's already spent three years in the Orange County jail in Santa Ana without even being convicted...

According to TMZ, life in jail has definitely not been good for Josh as they obtained a video of the former reality star child being stabbed with razors wrapped in towels. Surveillance footage from October 9 shows Josh returning from making a phone call while the attacker is hiding under the staircase. The brawl lasts for about 90 seconds, Lauri's son throws in a few punches but once the fight is no longer visible on camera, Josh received slashes to his face and chest from the other criminal's razors.

In a second video, which I have no idea how TMZ managed to get their hands on, Josh is seen receiving medical attention following the attack while police are asking him about the incident. Josh was also concerned the razor may have given him an STD if it wasn't clean and was discussing being tested with the nurse.

The outlet also spoke to his lawyer, Joel Garson, who gave us all the tea we need about this situation and suggested it may have been an inside job. Joel says Josh was returning to his cell in the protective custody unit from making a phone call, normally it's standard protocol for all other inmates to be locked in their cells while one of them is on the phone, however, Joel "wouldn't be surprised" if the attacker was allowed out of his cell when Josh was on the phone.

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Josh and his lawyer have filed a federal lawsuit against Orange County and its Sheriff's Department for violating his civil rights while he's been behind bars, so Joel believes it could've been retaliation from law enforcement, who purposefully let the guy and his razor out of his cell to attack Josh for suing them.

This situation is just sad and the Bravo child star turned felon allegedly had to receive 20 stitches to his chest and face, which was slashed from his left eye down to his chin. That's disgusting and nobody deserves to have their face disfigured for no fucking reason. This justice system is fucked, why should he have to spend 3 years behind bars if he hasn't even been convicted yet?

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