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Captain Lee Roasts Ashton Pienaar & Abbi Murphy Over Their Behavior On Below Deck

This Captain is full of opinions!

During Monday's Below Deck episode, Captain Lee decided to live tweet about the clusterfuck of a show, and for an old man, Lee knows his way around Twitter. Nobody was safe from Lee's online wrath but after Ashton Pienaar complained about trying to get his dick sucked, and Abbi Murphy quit the show (for no reason), the captain didn't hold back his thoughts on his employees.

It's safe to say Captain Lee was less than impressed with Ashton having a tantrum over Courtney Skippon shutting down his sleazy attempts of trying to get into her pants. Lee tweeted telling his bosun to "give it a rest" and labeled his actions as classless.

After Ashton's "I'm tired of trying to get my dick sucked comment" Lee said he was disappointed in his remark, and said that's not the behavior he wants from someone on his crew.

I think it's safe to say Ashton probably won't be around next season...

Following the episode, the bosun took to Twitter to apologize for his behavior, saying he's not proud of his actions and said he would learn from what happened. Who does Ashton think he's fooling? He's just doing damage control to make sure he can still get laid after everyone saw him behave like a dick. After his "apology," Lee (sort of) changed his tone and commended Ashton for taking responsibility for his actions.

The next crew member on Lee's hit list was Abbi. The redheaded deck hand quit the show after three charters and a text message engagement because she didn't like working on a motor yacht. This obviously pissed off Lee because he was down a crew member AND was disappointed by her quitter mentality.

The captain tweeted up a storm saying Abbi is unprofessional and said the best thing she could've done was stay on the boat and finish what she started, considering it was only a six-week job. He also said she disappointed herself and let down the boat. Harsh, yet true.

Abbi replied to the Captain's tweet but, of course, got no response. The deckhand turned text message fiance said watching the episodes back and seeing social media gives her anxiety, so six weeks on a boat is nothing, but relieving everything back for three months isn't what she wanted.

If this is the case, then Abbi really never should've applied to be on reality TV. She also called out the Captain for constantly putting her down on Twitter, and again, got no response.

I'd take Captain Sandy any day over Lee, however, his tweets and opinions are spot on. Ashton looked like an asshole and Abbi let down the entire boat by quitting after only three charters. Period. End of story.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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