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Jack Stirrup Is Expecting A Baby With The Girl He Cheated On Aesha Scott With

Aesha, step away from the ledge.

During the fourth season of Below Deck: Mediterranean, two of the crew members, Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup became the lovable, power couple of the season, however, their romance didn't last long once the cameras went down as Jack didn't exactly keep his dick in his boat shorts.

Although Bravo denied us a reunion for this latest season, the former couple spoke about their split on the After Show and while Jack suggested their relationship didn't feel real, Aesha spilled the tea on what really happened.

According to the kiwi queen, she was supposed to meet his family in London, however, before she flew over, she saw he was with his ex-girlfriend at a family wedding. She said he later admitted to cheating on her.

So basically, Jack broke up with this girl or decided to have an open relationship with her before the show, then asked Aesha to be his girlfriend on the show and then got back with the old girl as soon as he was back in London. Ugh, men.

Even if he was in an open relationship with the first girl, asking Aesha to be his "exclusive girlfriend" does make it cheating. Oh, and also not telling Aesha that he had gotten back with his ex is cheating too...

Following the cheating drama, last week Jack's girlfriend Kelly Hidge, a fashion blogger, who first posted a photo of the two back in August, took to Instagram to flaunt her baby bump. That's right, they're expecting a baby.

In her lengthy caption, Kelly said: "here I am ready to take on the world with my growing little human, and amazing boyfriend by my side" among a bunch of other boring, meaningless words. And if you're wondering, Jack is the boyfriend she's talking about.

As of 18 hours ago, the couple are still together as she posted a photo of her and Jack on her Instagram story, which means he's going to be a father. I'd say congratulations but he's also a cheater, so he can choke... #JusticeForAesha.

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