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Alexis Bellino Claims She's No Longer Friends With Vicki Gunvalson Because Of Tamra Judge

Jesus Jugs had a lot to say.

Following her guest appearance on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, former Housewife Alexis Bellino has been all over the media with what she's been saying during her press tour for Marriage Bootcamp, and her latest interview just gave her a little bit more attention.

The former Housewife spoke to TooFab and revealed she's no longer friends with Vicki Gunvalson after the OG of the OC told another Housewife (probably Kelly) that she couldn't be friends with Alexis because she's friends with Tamra Judge. Alexis responded to this by cutting Vicki herself. She explained:

"I used to be friends with Vicki until she became shady mady, and so now I'm not friends with her either anymore. I've cut it off. She doesn't even know it, but she told another Housewife she can't be friends with me because of Tamra, and I'm like, 'Ha! Bitch, okay! Well, guess what? I'm not your friend! You just lost a friend! It's not your choice anymore. You're out. Go be Team Tamra.'"

I love how when a current Housewife is feuding with Tamra they immediately start hanging out with Alexis, Gretchen Rossi, Lizzie Rovsek and all the other past OC Housewives who hate the CUT Fitness owner, but as soon as they make up with Tamra they suddenly stop being around the I Hate Tamra Club. We've seen it with Vicki and now Kelly is "besties" with all those girls as well.

Of course, Alexis addressed her feud with Tamra in the interview and laughed about her friends, Kelly and Emily Simpson, only just calling Tamra two-faced on the reality show when she has been saying it for years. Alexis sounded off saying:

"And this is new? This is new news? Wait, wait. This is not new! Oh, my gosh... This has been knowledge for the entire time since day one that Tamra got on the show! Why is it just now coming out? They're a little slow. Sorry. Love you, Kelly and Emily, but you're a little bit slow. This has been happening for a lot of years."

Alexis also threw shade at Tamra saying she believes she sold her soul for a reality TV paycheck after she spent four years on the reality show with her, saying she needs to careful because God is watching. Of course, Jesus Jugs threw a God reference in there. Can you believe Alexis was only around for four years? It seems like a whole lot longer. Alexis said:

"I was on a show with her for four years, and I have first[hand] knowledge and also saw how she sells her soul every day to make a paycheck. And the greed of money is the root of all evil. It's a Bible scripture. So I'm just saying, she needs to freaking watch it and be really careful because God is on the throne. I know she needs to make a dollar, but so do I and so does everyone else in this country. I think that if you consistently do things that are damaging and hurtful and just below the belt and evil, it's gonna catch up to you. If you do it once in a while, one slip up, and you say, 'God, I'm so sorry,' okay. But when it's been a consecutive, consistent, 13-year career path, God's not gonna just turn His eye away from that."

After she was done talking about two-thirds of the Tres Amigas, Alexis told "the real story" about being asked to return to the show for season 14. Last week, Alexis claimed she was asked to come back in a full-time role for the current season, however, Bravo denied they offered her an orange, so Jesus Jugs used this interview to address what really happened.

Alexis said the head producer of the show, Douglas Ross, called and asked her to consider to come back, and she declined because she's in a very "zen place" in her life. Two days following the producer's call, Alexis said she then received a call from Andy Cohen himself, who asked her "why are you doing all these other shows and you won't do 'Housewives' again?"

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However, even Andy couldn't get her to come back to the show, Alexis said she had several subsequent phone conversations and remembers one of them asking her to rejoin as a friend.

Obviously, Jesus Jugs declined their offer, but they must've really wanted her back if they were calling her SEVERAL times trying to get her back on board. Although she didn't want to come back in a larger capacity, she did agree to film a scene with her friend Emily to update everyone on her life since she's been off the show, but she demanded that she would not be around Tamra. Alexis explained:

"I'll go back on and just tell America, like, fill everybody in on my life right now. But I will not film with Tamra. Do not even bring her... She better not even be in a 20-mile radius of me! And I want it to be a happy thing. I'm in zen. I'm in happy mode. I don't want any toxic[ity]."

Jesus Jugs also said she has nothing to gain from saying she was asked back to the show, and said in her mind those constant phone calls from the producers was them asking her to return to the show, so she doesn't understand why the network denied asking her back. She shared

"So they brought me back for the cameo -- great, love it, I'll do that again next year. So take that for what you want. When I said I was asked back, somebody calling me and saying, 'Would you consider coming back? Will you come back?' that's what I took it for. I'm not trying to overstep. I mean, I have nothing to win by saying I was asked back or I wasn't asked back; I'm just giving you what really happened. That's the real."

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