Aesha Scott Reveals She Had Sex With Tanner Sterback

Another yachtie hookup for the books.

Cast members hooking up on the Below Deck franchise is more common than the deck crew setting up the slide, however, I'm not sure if there's ever been a crossover hookup between crew members on the two DIFFERENT Below Deck shows, so this may be a franchise first.

Aesha Scott who starred as the second stew on Below Deck: Mediterranean season four, is now apart of a new Bravo podcast recapping new episodes of the OG show's seventh season, and while discussing the new crew this season, Aesha revealed she had sex with one of this season's deckhands: Tanner Sterback.

This season we have seen Tanner try and hook up with Kate Chastain because he keeps reminding us about his "thing for older women", however, while he wanted to lay the chief stew on camera, he apparently fooled around with Aesha off-screen. That would be a hot yachtie power couple, I'm not gonna lie.

During the first episode of Aesha's new podcast, Going Overboard, Aesha asked her cohost Cassidy Morris if she found Tanner hot and before she could answer, Aesha revealed she had banged him.

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Of course, that's not all, the sex-obsessed yachtie shared not only was he amazing in bed but that he was a MASSIVE dick. She also said she was calling him "Lord Disick" the entire time, which makes this situation so much more juicy.

Aesha explained she met Tanner because the producers sent her to LA to film her confessionals for the show and it just happened to be at the same time he was there. They were staying at same hotel together, went clubbing and I guess one thing led to another. This is why we need Aesha on EV-ER-Y season of the show.

I'm sure they'll be so many girls sliding into his DMs as soon as they catch wind of the elephant trunk swinging between his legs because Aesha gave him a stunning Yelp review. Listen to a clip of the ladies' podcast below to hear Aesha spill all the tea about their steamy sex session.

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