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Alexis Bellino Claims She Declined A Full Time Return To RHOC Season 14

Does anyone believe this?

Earlier this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, former Housewife Alexis "Jesus Jugs" Bellino made her triumphant return as a guest and now she's revealing Bravo asked her to return to the show in a larger capacity this season, but she declined.

Every ex-Housewife's DREAM is to hold an orange, apple, peach or diamond again, so I'm not believing a word this woman is saying.

Following her cameo during the season, articles emerged claiming Alexis was asked to be a full-time Housewife but refused because she didn't want to film with Tamra Judge, and now that Jesus Jugs is revealing this tea herself, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who leaked the article to the press.

During an interview on the Us Weekly podcast, Alexis told the hosts she was asked back to the show in a full-time or recurring capacity for season 14, however, she claims she refused because she doesn't want the toxic drama back in her life. Jesus Jugs explained:

“I was offered and I said no. I was offered a main role or a ‘friend’ role [for season 14]. I don’t know if they’re going to call again or not, but I honestly just don’t want the drama again in my life. It’s kind of toxic for me.”

Um. Yeah sure. Okay, Jesus Jugs. Comment below if you're buying this barrel of bullshit.

Alexis said she's currently friends with Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson who were "begging" her to come back to the franchise, however, she still maintains she decided not to return to the show and said it wouldn't be good for her relationship with her boyfriend Andy Bohn, saying:

“They both are begging me. They’re like, ‘Please come back.’ I just think I’ve turned that chapter. Drew is going to be in my life for good. I don’t want to bring that into our relationship.”

Although Alexis claims she was asked back as an orange holder or a friend of the cast, Bravo threw in a plot twist. When Us Weekly asked the network to confirm the story, they denied Jesus Jugs' claims saying she was only asked back to film cameos with Emily, and that they have no plans to bring her back onto the show. The production insider told the outlet:

“She was asked to do a cameo and film one or two things with her friend Emily, but not in any full-time capacity."

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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