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Kelly Dodd & Vicki Gunvalson Hugged During Upcoming RHOC Reunion

Hell has officially frozen over.

There's only four episodes left for season 14 of The Real Housewives of Orange County before the reunion airs and based on recent reports, the upcoming end of season sit down will be one for the history books.

We previously reported on Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd's explosive argument while taping the reunion, only days after the OG of the OC tried to sue Kelly for defamation, however, now sources are claiming following their heated brawl, they managed to hug it out for the cameras, in an obvious effort to stay on the show next season.

According to Hollywood Life, following an entire season of name-calling and accusations, the two arch-enemies managed to hug it out after a day full of aggressive fighting, which surprised the entire cast considering Vicki and Kelly had probably spent the last 8 hours of the taping at each other's throats. The source shared:

“There was a lot of screaming and finger-pointing involved by both, however, everyone was surprised as they hugged at the end of the night. Everyone in the entire cast was shocked to see this happen. The ‘RHOC’ reunion taping was filled with so much drama and Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd were at the center of most it.”

Surprisingly, the production insider revealed it was actually Kelly who initiated the hug, due to her being in a happy place in her life with her fiance Rick Leventhal. I think her wanting to secure her place on season 15 of the show also had something to do with it. The insider explained how the women, kind of, made up after months of hurting each other:

“Kelly initiated the hug to Vicki because she’s honestly never been happier in her entire life and has just had it with all the screaming and the fighting and felt like it was time to try to end everything. It’s clear at the core both of these women are hurt, and Kelly did this because she wanted to extend the olive branch if you will and Vicki did accept.”

Even though they hugged for the Bravo cameras, the two reality stars definitely still hate each other, which was evidenced through all the shit talking they did about each other at BravoCon. While their relationship is still in a bad place, at least it opens the door for them to be cordial during the next season of the show. The insider concluded:

“Kelly feels she really tried to move things forward but neither really wants anything to do with the other still. They’re by no means in a good place at all, but it was a step in at least being cordial again with one another, though it seems short lived.”

Now that Kelly is in a semi-good place with the OG of the OC, she also spoke to Hollywood Life saying she would like to make up with Tamra Judge as well, however, she knows Shannon Beador definitely is going to be the hardest to mend fences with. She told the outlet:

“I miss Tamra, I miss talking to her. I just don’t trust her. She’s the one that can pivot more than Shannon. I think Tamra is a little bit more forgiving and forgoing than Shannon.”

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