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Brandi Glanville Throws MAJOR Shade At Denise Richards Amid Affair Rumors

If loving Brandi Glanville is so wrong, why does it feel so right?!

The unfiltered former Beverly Hills Housewife leaves me speechless at the best of times, but Brandi's latest tweet takes the fucking cake. Everyone with internet reception and a Bravo addiction has heard the rumors of Brandi's (alleged) affair with Denise Richards, but unless you've been living under a rock, let me fill you in.

Rumors emerged last month that claimed the two Housewives had been hooking up for months before filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' tenth season began. Word on the street is that Denise told Brandi she was in an open relationship.

However, after Brandi told a few of the girls about their fling, it turned out Denise's marriage was not open and her husband Aaron Phypers had NO about her hooking up with the unfiltered blonde, which (allegedly) resulted in Denise refusing to film.

After the news leaked, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife denied ever entering Brandi's cookie jar, whereas the Drinking and Tweeting author slammed the actress online and cryptically confirmed their steamy affair to be true, and it doesn't look like she's stopping any time soon...

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Denise tweeted a few days ago asking for tagline suggestions for the new season and confirmed she had not quit the reality show.

Of course, Brandi being Brandi did what she does best: drink and tweet, and came up with an absolute gem of a tagline for her lesbian lover. The former Housewife suggested Denise's season 10 tagline be: "I may be married to a man but I'm still allowed to eat pussy."

And this is why she's my favorite Housewife. Nobody throws shade like Brandi mother fucking Glanville and this is the best thing I've seen in a long time. This woman never fails to go there and I can't think of anything else to say other than: Oh my fucking god. Brb, I'm still trying to pick my mouth up off the floor.

Can someone give this bitch a diamond already because she's sleeping with married Housewives and tweeting them about eating her pussy. What more can we ask for? We don't deserve her...

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