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Jennifer Aydin Claims Danielle Staub Called Her Hair Stylist Homophobic Slurs After He Told Jen Her

If there's one Bravolebrity I never want to be in a dark alley with, it's Beverly.

During a recent appearance on the new podcast, The B List with PetShopBoy, Jennifer Aydin recounted the full story of what happened when she asked Danielle about her birth name (which we only saw a snippet of on the show) and it's fucking insane.

According to Jen, before filming began for The Real Housewives of New Jersey's tenth season, she was at her hairstylist Julius Michael's house visiting him after his jet ski accident, when he told her in passing about Danielle's real name. Jen explained:

"We were sitting there talking about the show, and he's been doing Danielle's hair for a while, and I was just talking about the dynamic of the show and how they had a Turkish girl and a Jewish girl to mix in with all the Italian girls and he proceeds to tell me "Jen, Danielle's not Italian" and I said "Oh my gosh, she's not Italian? I feel like Danielle is such an Italian name" so that's when he's like "Jen, Danielle's not her real name, it's Beverly.""

After the small conversation, Jen said they moved onto different topics and that was it, stating that Julius definitely didn't tell her in a gossipy way.

Flash forward to Jennifer having dinner with Bev before filming began. The sophomore Housewife said Danielle got pissed off after the hostess of the restaurant asked for her name and didn't recognize her from TV. Jen went onto explain:

"I was making a joke out of it and she calmed down and she was like "Well now you know everything about me" and I turned around and was like "well girl I didn't know your name was Beverly.." with the biggest smile like I just drank Kool-Aid. Her face turned stone cold and she goes "who told you that?" and I was like "Jules. Why? Is that a secret?""

Jen then revealed Danielle whipped out her phone and started voice messaging Julius telling him he'll never work in this business again, calling him a motherfucker, a piece of shit, and a f*ggot. This was when the Queen of Paramus called Julius to do some damage control and Beverly then started screaming insults over the phone. Jen further explained:

"Then she yells at me saying "[you're] only caring about his feelings, you don't even know what you've done to me." [I wasn't] stirring the pot, it really was completely innocent so I told Jules "stay on the phone and listen." I put the phone down and I'm like "Danielle I'm really really sorry." She's like "that is the name that I had when my father RAPED me, and he didn't just rape me once, repeatedly until I was eight years old." And I shut the fuck up, for the first time in my life I shut the fuck up because there was no rebuttal."

That wasn't all. After Jen took a moment, she continued to apologize to the Prostitution Whore for accidentally bringing up her real name but Bev continued to rage on:

"I was like "look I really didn't know your name was Beverly" and she goes "STOP SAYING THAT NAME, I'm famous, people listen when I talk." I think she was saying people eavesdrop, that's what I think she was implying. And she's like "LOWER YOUR VOICE." So then my cousin Susie tries to chime in saying "Danielle, it's really sad what you've gone through but maybe you can use [it] as a way to help people?" She looks at my cousin and goes "Did your father rape you when you were eight? No? Alright then."

Following the dramatic (off-camera) blow up, Beverly calmed down and went on with the dinner, while Jen counted down the minutes until she could get the fuck out of the restaurant. If this doesn't prove Bev is batshit crazy, I don't know what will. She's not crazy for reality TV purposes, she's just insane.

And that's the story of how Jennifer Aydin learned her lesson that Beverly is a dangerous human being.

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After the Turkish Housewife went home and cried, she revealed she called production the next morning to tell them she was scared of Danielle and didn't want to be around her. Jennifer Aydin is pretty fearless as a Housewife, so if she's terrified of Beverly, that says something.

I'm obviously not surprised by Bev's erratic behavior, but this is definitely some juicy behind the scenes scoop and everybody needs to listen to the podcast episode ASAP for the full effect. Also, we can all agree she's cancelled for calling her hair stylist a f*ggot, right?

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