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Shade of the Week: Teresa Giudice & Caroline Manzo Superbowl Commerical

If I had to describe this commercial in one word it would be: disappointing.

During the Super Bowl, Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo appeared on a Sabra hummus commercial together and it was the most overhyped, anti-climatic thing I’ve seen since last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There are so many things wrong with this Jersey reunion, so let me break it all down for you.

Before the ad aired, it was pretty much assumed that the commercial itself would be about the two OGs reuniting after years of feuding, however, in actuality, the commercial featured loads of other “celebrities” talking about how they eat hummus with Caroline and Teresa only popping up at the end to throw a table. That’s it. All that hype just to see them flip a table for less than a second in the commercial. Really Sabra Hummus? Really? First of all, that’s just rude, and second, Tre didn’t throw the table at Caroline so it doesn’t even make sense...

Apart from the boring, disappointing commercial, their entire reunion makes me madder than a pissed on chicken (thanks Captain Lee). We deserved to see these women come face to face for the first in almost a decade in front of Bravo cameras, not a Super Bowl commercial. I want to see how they interacted, what they talked about, if it was awkward between takes and I feel like we were robbed of those moments. The whole thing just feels wrong and it’s like they’re cheating on us with... hummus. And money. Lots and lots of money.

Teresa hated Caroline so much, she accused her of “ratting” on her to the feds, only TWO months ago and Caroline left the WWHL stage at BravoCon because she didn’t want to run into the table flipper, but now she’s breaking bread with her over hummus? What the fuck? Obviously they were paying them both a lot of money to be in the same room together, however, guess where else they can get paid to interact with each other... THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF FUCKING NEW JERSEY. If Teresa is willing to throw a table with her on a commercial, then she has no reason why she can’t film a reality show with her fellow OG.

Caroline’s return to the franchise is loooong overdue and if she doesn’t come back as a full-time Housewife for season 11 then obviously something is very wrong. If this doesn’t prove it’s Mama Manzo’s time to return to Bravo then I don’t know what will. I want to see both women come back and discuss what happened on set, what they talked about and how they moved past their issues. If at all. I’m ready to see Caroline back as Tre’s friend... or more preferably, her enemy, and after Bravo keeping the Jersey cast the exact same for the last two seasons, it’s time to give us a shakeup: a Manzo sized shakeup.

Ever since Caroline and Jacqueline Laurita left the franchise, it’s basically become The Teresa Show. Everyone kisses her ass and puts her on a pedestal because she’s the HBIC and it’s time that things change. Mama Manzo is the only Housewife who has ever fully held Tre accountable for her idiotic behavior and not backed down, against her which is the kind of energy we need in this time where Bravo are trying to dismantle the Queen Bee mentality across the franchises.

Think about the magic that would happen by bringing Caroline back into the fold. It would be amazing to see her relationship with Teresa, especially after her divorce from Juicy Joe. She’s been friends with Dolores Catania for 25+ years which would finally make Dolores a valuable asset to the cast dynamic after she’s coasted for the last few seasons. Can you imagine her being put in the middle between two OG superpowers? Paterson Dolores would shine.

I’m sure Caroline and Melissa would be cordial, but she’d still call the Bootleg JLo out on her bullshit. I can also see Melissa getting jealous of Caroline’s relationship with Joe Gorga, just as she did back in season five. I think Mama Manzo would find the humor in Jennifer Aydin, just as she did with Teresa in the early seasons, but she’d still try to keep her accountable for smashing glasses and screaming in restaurants. She’d probably get along with Marge and Jackie, or maybe she wouldn’t? Who the fuck knows? That’s part of the reason we need Caroline back in the fucking fold.

She’d keep everyone in their place but still add enough to the drama to elevate the show and break up the two groups we’ve seen the show separate into for the last few years. I don’t know who the fuck at Bravo needs to hear this but BRING CAROLINE BACK because that lousy Super Bowl ad, simply didn’t cut it.

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