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Jax Taylor Goes OFF On Tom Sandoval Over Pastor Drama

The drama transferred over from TV to Twitter.

During the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's wedding pastor rocked the cast after homophobic comments he had made came out on social media, and the couple decided to fire him and hire Lance Bass to officiate their wedding. From one extreme to the other...

After the drama, Jax and Brittany didn't want any of the cast talking about it on-camera, however, Tom Sandoval decided to ask why it took so long for the couple to fire their homophobic pastor during a party, which caused all hell to break loose when Jax told Brittany what Sandoval had asked. And I think I'm the only one who only actually doesn't see what Tom did wrong...

Well, following the episode, Jax took to Twitter to blast his friend on basically everything in his life. The coke head turned reality star said Sandoval only brought up the controversy on camera for attention, instead of addressing it earlier in the day. Is Jax forgetting they're on a reality show?

Jax also attacked Sandoval's business making fun of TomTom's Yelp reviews, said he is a horrible friend to his business partner Tom Schwartz and said the Toms have no actual control over their business.

So, Jax is saying Sandoval belittles Schwartz, but then went onto belittle, Sandoval? Uh, what does all of this TomTom shade have to do with Jax not firing a homophobic pastor? I'm confused.

That wasn't all. Jax also posted (and deleted) a series of tweets, calling out Sandoval for coming down hard on him for his pastor's homophobic comments, but not firing Max Boyens after his racist tweets were exposed earlier this year. Strangely enough, Jax does have a point, however, doesn't that also make Lisa Vanderpump a hypocrite too?

Although Jax deleted the tweets (probably after he got a stern call from Bravo's PR team), The Blast found comments Tom Sandoval had made to Us Weekly addressing how he reacted to Max's racist comments. The TomTom owner told the outlet he "yelled" at his manager for the tweets surfacing, but then went onto to somewhat defend his behavior saying:

“I hit him up and yelled at him about it. Max is nothing like that. A lot of those tweets, Max comes from an ethnic background. His grandfather fought Muhammad Ali. He’s 100 percent African-American. He’s just was a stupid 19-year-old kid. Even if it was to your friends and you were indirectly trying to be coy and passive-aggressive to your friends, you don’t tweet things like that."

So I guess the moral of this story is that everyone is wrong in one way or another...

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