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RHOSLC Season 1 Spoilers

Are you ready for these Utah ladies?

Following Andy Cohen's announcement at BravoCon about the addition of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City to the Housewives franchise, we haven't heard too much information about what's been going on with the SLC cast, however, thanks to crafty production spies, we finally have some tea on what to expect for their first season.

Last week, Brandi Redmond infamously got into a Twitter war RHOSLC cast member Jen Shah. In case you missed that story, the Dallas Housewife said one of the Salt Lake City cast members was renting a house from her friend, and Jen aggressively clapped back to clarify she was only renting the home for the winter months, while she owns four others.

Pictured above: Jen Shah

After this news ran through the Housewives universe, RHOSLC fan account @realhousewivesslc, spilled some tea on how Brandi's revelation actually affected some drama on the show. According to the account, cast member Heather Gay was trying to get the account to post a story about, her cast member Lisa Barlow, quickly renting a house before filming began.

Pictured above: Heather Gay

Heather's friends who allegedly contacted the account also implied the Housewife in question was renting a nicer home than the one she already owned in order to boost her image on the show. However, once the account owners did some digging they realized the rumor they were being fed to post was just that... a rumor.

The account, who has strong roots to the cast and production, then exclusively told us this was apart of a bigger plan. When Jen clapped back at Brandi Redmond for talking about her renting a house the people behind the account got more intel of what was happening. Apparently Heather, who's friends with Jen, was trying to accuse Lisa of renting, even though she knew she wasn't.

Pictured above: Lisa Barlow

The plan was for Lisa to say "I'm not the one who's renting, Jen is," so that Lisa would throw Jen under the bus and then Heather could play the role as the supportive friend for Jen while she was mad at Lisa, even though Heather concocted the plan all along. However, we're told that the plan completely backfired.

This sounds like a Lisa Vanderpump level plan and if these women are already trying to craftily take each other down behind the scenes in their first season, we are in a for a good show. Also, it's the most on-brand thing ever for Housewives to fight over who is renting their home or not. I can't wait until this franchise makes it onto the Bravo airwaves.

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