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Kim D Reveals The True Story About Stripper Gate & Spills Hot RHONJ Tea

If loving Kim D is so wrong, why does it feel so right?

Former "friend of the Housewives" Kim D really is one of the greatest shit stirrers ever to appear on Bravo, which is why it was so great to hear her cigarette stained Jersey accent talk shit about everyone on the cast and spill the tea about what was really going on behind the scenes.

Whether you love her or hate her, nobody spills tea like Kim D. Oooh, that rhymes!

During an appearance on the Out In The Wild podcast, Kim D was asked about her time on the show, including her involvement in the infamous Stripper Gate scandal. In case you forgot, back at Kim's season 4 POSCHE fashion show, a bald guy named Angelo "showed up" and revealed Melissa Gorga worked for him as a stripper, and her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice was accused of setting the entire thing up.

Anyone with a brain knows Tre was behind the whole thing, however, Kim D sounded off on the entire scandal, telling the hosts, how she knew that Melissa was a stripper:

"She's never gonna [admit to being a former stripper.] Where I live, and where Posche [Kim's boutique] is, everyone that knows them also knows me. Joe Gorga was not liked. He did some pretty shady things with people in business. People came into my store and told me one horrific story after another. That he would screw people in business. One of his very good friends is still one of my very close friends. This friend along with the rest of Joe's friends they would all go to Lookers [a strip club in Elizabeth, New Jersey.] So, they all knew! And guess who else told us? Teresa! She told Caroline [Manzo] and Jacqueline [Laurita], when she didn’t like Melissa! I understand she has 3 kids and his family is very Italian, so I understand why she denied it, but I'm not the one who brought it up, Teresa did.”

So according to Kim and Joe's mutual friend, they all knew Melissa was a stripper because they'd go to Lookers and watch her perform and on top of that, Teresa was already telling the entire group about it behind the scenes because she hated her sister-in-law. Since she was accused of being a stripper, Melissa has always maintained she was just a bartender at the club, but let's use our heads here.

Kim explained she was only in on the set up because she was really good friends with Teresa at the time and admitted to being the one who brought Angelo, the bald guy, on-camera. By the way, read all these quotes in Kim's voice because it makes it so much more fun, she shared:

"I didn’t even know Melissa, it was because I was very close with Teresa and I was taking Teresa’s side, and all the information we got was from Teresa! I found out about Angelo, they came to me, he said ‘I was 100% the manager at Lookers when [Melissa] worked there.’ I do investigation work, I don’t just bring on random people, I don’t lie, I tell the truth. When Melissa’s sitting there and she sees Angelo, she recognizes him. I think under the table she texted Joe and said ‘somethings going down’ that’s why he showed up.”

The former friend of, also admitted to lying at the season 4 reunion about Teresa's involvement in the scandal, because she was being a good friend to the table flipper, revealing:

“I had Teresa’s back, I denied Teresa knew anything. Teresa knew it all. I was not asked back to the next reunion because I had Teresa’s back and they didn’t like the fact that I did not tell the truth.”

Following Stripper Gate, Teresa and Kim continued to be friends, however, Tre allegedly went behind Kim's back and got her fired from the show, after season five, because she had finally "made up" with her family. Kim also claimed during season five, she was filming with the Gorgas, Lauritas and the Wakiles, when the producers told her mother Teresa was talking shit behind her back. Kim explained:

“They made a pact to film as a family and you know who got left out? I got left out. That’s why when they filmed with the twins I was out of that season, all Teresa’s doing. I know that for a fact because a very good friend of mine knows the head producers of Bravo, and she said ‘I just want you to know Teresa Giudice didn’t want you back on the show’ and I said ‘I’m not surprised.’ I still stayed friendly with her, knowing this.

"It didn’t even bother me whether I’m on the show or not, I couldn’t care less. But the fact that she did that, instead of coming to me like a woman. This is what I would do in Teresa’s situation, I would say ‘You had my back on the reunion, I’m making up with my family and I don’t want anymore drama with the family’ and I would’ve said ‘Okay who do you wanna fight with next?’ because that’s the kind of friend I am. But she didn’t do that. What she does is backstabs people and what she did was get me out of a job, I was being paid, she knew my boyfriend of 13 years had just passed away. She’s ruthless.”

Kim D is spilling all the mother fucking tea. Doesn't everyone want a friend that will help you go after your enemies on reality television? Because that is a true ride or die. I know it will probably never happen, but we need Kim D back on The Real Housewives New Jersey, like yesterday, because she's gangster enough to bring drama, but mature enough not to bring armed guards around, unlike Danielle Staub.

After Teresa got Kim fired the show, Kim admitted that was the reason she decided to bring up Joe Giudice's cheating rumors on the show, which was the reason for Teresa, Melissa, Danielle and Margaret Josephs storming her Posche fashion show during season 8 of the show, which Kim also gave her opinion on:

“At that one, they decided they were all gonna be gangsters, and no they’re not gangsters. I’m the godmother, so I sat in my chair and Teresa walked in looking for trouble. Okay, let’s fight. She says ‘You said my husband cheated?’ Yeah, he did, he does and look it, was I right? Yes. Was I right when I said Teresa cheated? Yes. And why did I do that? I did that because of what she did to me first. You get me out of a job, backstab me, talk behind my back, when I’m doing everything for you. I don’t know owe you one, I owe you a few, and you got em.”

“I’ve been with gangsters, I know what they do. I watched her go for her glass three or four times, she was gonna throw a drink at me, now let me tell you something, you’re not throwing a drink on me while I’m in a dress with my hair and makeup done and I’ve got to go downstairs and do my fashion show. That’s the only reason why I felt that room. First of all, I’m gonna fistfight at my age? Give me a break. I’ll sit and go head to head with you all day long but she just can’t do that because she’s not smart enough. And then Margaret, I don’t give a shit if Margaret lives or dies, I don’t know the woman, so she starts going because I guess she needs to get her two cents in. Melissa didn’t go in too hard because she knows better and Danielle tries to open her mouth and I say ‘Excuse me? What are you doing here?”

Kim also spoke about how neither Danielle or Teresa have any long term friends, which has been echoed from many past Jersey Housewives Tre has cut out of her life. When the host of the podcast asked if that could be because of Teresa having four daughters, Kim stopped her in her tracks and said Teresa's barely with those girls:

“[Four daughters] That she spends a lot of time with? That I spend more time with my eight dogs than she spends with her four daughters? Have you ever watched her Instagram? This girl is out morning, noon and night partying. My opinion, and I’m old fashioned, you don’t just pick up and leave, their father's in jail, you were just in jail and you’re banging around on the beach in Greece, you’re out all these different clubs in Atlantic City. Why don’t you practice what you preach? I don’t even want to go there with the four daughters because she’s very rarely with them.”

I have shaming someone as a mother, but Kim's not wrong. All you have to do is look at Teresa's Instagram story to see that she is out at an event nearly every single day of the week, so I guess Nonno is doing a lot of babysitting these days.

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Kim was also asked about what she thinks is wrong with Danielle, and after bringing up a time where Danielle yelled at a waiter for not having "chilled champagne glasses" Kim concluded that she believes she's bipolar:

“I think Danielle Staub can’t help herself. When I first met Danielle she had very sweet moments and then we’d be sitting out and I swear to you, her head would turn around like the exorcist and she would change into this crazy, evil, nasty person. I think she snaps, some people are bipolar, some people say ‘oh it could be drugs?’ No. I think Danielle is bipolar and she has issues.”

That wasn't all. Kim also sounded off on her past relationship with Jennifer Aydin, who denied ever going to Posche on WWHL, when Kim maintains she definitely has been there, but we all know Jen would've denied it to keep herself in Teresa's good books, Kim explained:

“I knew Jen, she says she never came here [Posche], she did. She had just had babies, she was a little heavy set, not that I don’t have extra, extra large clothes here, it’s just that she wasn’t in the right situation. And she denied being here on Andy Cohen [WWHL] and I’m like please Jen, she was coming here. That just goes to show she had to lie about that, so that says a lot about her character.”

The Jersey Housewives weren't the only women who Kim D had a whole lot of things to say about, The Real Housewives of New York City also weren't safe from her shit-talking ways after she went OFF on Ramona Singer for being rude to her at a RHONY premiere party a few years back:

“A couple years ago a friend of mine was the sponsor for the [premiere party] of the New York Housewives. The photographers asked me to get on the step and repeat and all of a sudden this young girl comes over and says ‘Ramona says she doesn’t want any New Jersey Housewives on the step and repeat’ and I said ‘I’m not a New Jersey Housewife.’ She’s such a bitch, she had a big fat belly, she thinks who she is and she’s nobody. I’m like ‘Excuse me? The photographers asked me to get on, my friend paid for it, I’ll get off when I’m done taking the pictures.’ I get off the step and repeat and she’s looking me up and down and I’m like ‘are you kidding me?’ She is not a nice person. Who are you with that pot belly and those crazy eyes to go telling people to get off the step and repeat. Shut up. Take a seat Ramona.”

Where's the lie? Thousands of people have similar stories about the Singer Stinger being an asshole, so this is nothing knew. Can you imagine her going toe to toe with Kim D? That's what Bravo dreams are made of.

I LOVE KIM D. I could sit at her house smoking Marlboro cigarettes for hours listening to her talk shit about random Jersey broads and giving me the scoop on their messy homelives. Kim D is the dysfunctional, slightly mafia attached aunt we all see at family events, and that's why we need her back on the show.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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