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New Allegations Surface About Joe Gorga Faking His House Flipping Projects

Another day, another house flipping scandal.

Earlier this week, a fan called out Joe Gorga for using her house in a "before and after" post for one of his house flipping projects. Not only did he not flip the house, but the post contained two entirely different houses altogether. Joe cleared this up by blaming his 21-year-old social media manager for the simple mistake.

After he tried putting this scandal to bed, fans then noticed other posts The Real Housewives of New Jersey star had made which contained other images that they claim he stole from Google. So, the recent post he was called out for obviously wasn't the social media manager's only mistake.

The Instagram account, Bravo Historian, investigated the shady situation and found in a number of Joe's "house flipping" posts he had used photos from other people's houses that can easily be found on Google. We stan a messy Instagram journalist in this house honey...

In at least three other incidents, the Instagrammer found identical images from other websites, of kitchens Joe had posted photos of, claiming to be his own. Maybe he did flip the houses for these companies, or maybe the more logical answer, he stole them from the internet.

Joe has yet to sound off on these new allegations, however, after he already spoke about the situation to Page Six after the initial story broke, Joe took to Instagram to fight off the trolls, mostly telling fans they were gross and negative for coming after him...

Even if Joe (or his 21-year-old social media manager) stole these photos from the internet, I still love him.

UPDATE: Page Six released another story after the latest around of allegations. They contacted the photographers and contractors involved with creating the kitchens in the above photos, that Joe posted on his Instagram, who confirmed they were not projects he flipped. Awkward. Joe declined to comment.

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