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Joe Gorga Accused Of Faking House Flipping Projects


Anyone who's ever stumbled across this site knows I have an undying love for Joe Gorga, however, this latest scandal is cringeworthy at best. If you follow his Instagram, you know you're constantly bombarded with his house flipping projects but he's now being accused of faking them.

Joe posted (and then deleted) a "before and after" photo of a house he flipped, however, fans quickly noticed the houses were completely different, along with a fan, Caley Svensson, noticing not only were the photos of two different houses, but that the "after" photo was of her own property. Oops.

Caley commented on Joe's post calling him out for using a photo of her home and even took to her own Instagram story to draw attention to it.

So basically, he posted "before and after" photos not only of a house he never flipped but of two completely different houses to begin with. That is what we call a fuck up. Even if the photos weren't enough, Joe captioned the post by detailing "what he did to the house" saying it took him six months to flip the property after he "ripped off the roof and added a second floor."

However, the homeowner Caley, says this is untrue adding that her home was completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up, which means not only is Joe lying about the photos but the construction process too.

Well, in no time flat, Page Six got onto the story and reached out to Joe Gorga for his response. The Real Housewives of New Jersey husband, told the outlet his 21-year-old social media manager “made a mistake" and acknowledged the photos were definitely not of the same house.

How do you make the mistake of putting two completely different houses, that you never flipped, in the same before and after? Clearly the "social media manager" had a big Valentine's Day weekend...

However, Joe did say he helped fund the construction of the "after" house as a private lender. He also agreed that the caption was wrong as this was a brand-new home and not a "flip" like he had previously stated. Even though his Instagram is full of photos of house flipping properties, Joe told the publication he only buys the properties because he's famous. He explained:

“I don’t flip people’s house. I buy properties. I don’t deal with homeowners … because I am a famous guy and people overreact.”

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