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Tamra Judge Reveals Crazy RHOC Editing Secrets

This former OC Housewife no longer has her orange or a fuck to give.

During a recent Q&A on Instagram, Tamra Judge spilled all the tea on the "shady editing" that goes on behind the scenes of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which will make you see things completely differently.

The freshly fired Housewife answered a question about her least favorite RHOC moment, telling fans "shady editing" from season 14 during the infamous SUV ride where the women were talking about the train rumor, not only made her look bad but never happened.

Tamra elaborated on this tea in another question, saying although she rarely complains about the editing, the producers pieced together interview questions and subtitles with footage of an empty SUV driving to put the scene together. In other words, the scene was totally manufactured. If you can remember back, this was after Tamra said "are you talking about the train?" at dinner.

Shannon Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Tamra all went out to drink together after filming which is when they all agreed in the car, off-camera, to not bring up the train rumor again to avoid it becoming a storyline during the season. However, Braunwyn went and told Kelly Dodd, which is the real reason the other women were so mad with her because they had all agreed not to talk about the train rumor on the show.

Tamra has no reason to lie at this point and nothing to lose, so I believe every single word on this Instagram story. If you go back and watch the SUV scene (clip below) you can clearly see Tamra is telling the truth. All the women's comments are in completely different tones and they sound like they are talking in a confessional, rather than to each other.

When this episode initially aired, Tamra and Shannon took to Instagram to defend themselves saying, they were unaware there was a microphone in the car at the time, however, now that Tamra is no longer on Bravo's payroll, she's spilling all the real tea. Also, let's use our brains, there's not just going to be a microphone sitting in the car once they're done with filming and if you watch the scene, you can tell it's completely manufactured.

Tamra also went onto confirm the ladies did discuss the crazy editing at the reunion, however, to no one's surprise, the producers left it out of the episode. The CUT Fitness owner also hinted that her saying "are you talking about the train?" at dinner was a voiceover, however, judging by all the press Tamra has done talking about that moment, I think it definitely did happen.

This editing secret blows my fucking mind because it makes you realize how easy it is for production to twist things around and make us see things in a completely different way. At least we'll be able to pick up these kinds of production tricks on other shows now...

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