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Asa Soltan Rahmati Blasts Mercedes Javid After She Claims Asa Was Fired

These two are definitely never, ever getting back together...

During season six of Shahs Of Sunset, the drama revolved around the cast not believing Asa Soltan Rahmati was telling the truth about her pregnancy which sparked a war between Asa and Mercedes Javid ever since, and it doesn't look like it's cooling down any time soon.

MJ has being doing press for the new season lately and when asked about Asa she's always stated that she loves her and said multiple times that, even though they don't talk, they're in a good place.

While appearing on WWHL, Andy Cohen asked Mercedes if now that she's a mother, does she understand how Asa's priorities shifted.

Instead of answering the question, MJ went off on a tangent saying she "has a lot of love for Asa" but when Andy brought up how she completely avoided answering the actual question he asked, MJ quipped:

"How did her priorities change? She didn't wanna leave the show..."

Shots mother fucking fired. This is why I am a diehard MJ stan because in one breath she's saying she loves Asa and in the next, she's calling her out for getting fired...

Well, the Persian Pop Priestess must've been watching live because she was tweeting up a storm. The former reality star rejected the idea of her and MJ being in a good place saying, she doesn't want any of Mercedes' hate around her or her family. Ouch.

Asa also laughed off MJ claiming she was fired, claiming she left the show on her own, and that you can ask Bravo for the facts.

That's not all. Reza Farahan, who's currently in a war with his former BFF of 30 years, sided with Asa, retweeting her comment about not wanting MJ's hate around her, telling fans he did it to prove MJ and Asa are not in a good place, even though that's what Mercedes has been telling people recently.

There's already so much online drama between the Shahs and this dramatic season has only just begun. Buckle up...

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