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Peter Hunziker Accused Malia White Of Using Cocaine After She Got Hannah Ferrier Fired

PHOTO: Bravo

Karma's a bitch and she knows where this pathetic bosun lives.

Not only is Malia White a snake, a snitch, a cunt, and an overall extremely annoying human being but it turns out she's also a hypocrite.

Earlier this season on Below Deck: Mediterranean, Malia ratted out Hannah Ferrier for having undeclared Valium aboard the boat, however, now the snitch herself is being accused of her own drug use. Pete Hunziker, who was edited out of the show after he posted a racist meme to Instagram (see below), called the bosun out for doing cocaine.

In his Instagram post about Malia that was quickly deleted, Pete said he sympathizes with Hannah as he too had similar prescribed anti-anxiety medication onboard the boat. He stated that he had panic attacks, took his medication, and was never fired.

The background crew member then took aim at Malia, calling her a rat (duh) and accusing her of sniffing an eightball of coke on the weekends. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the thrills of booger sugar, an eightball is an eighth of an ounce of cocaine and more than enough to keep you bouncing off the walls until your next bump.

Now, obviously it would be hard to come across someone in their 20s or 30s who hasn't indulged in Colombian's finest export, however, if you're going to have a white Christmas in the bathroom on the weekend, you can't snitch on someone for having anti-anxiety medication on a boat and then act like you did it because you're scared for your life.

Hannah has been on this show for five years and we've never once seen anyone scared to go to sea with her.

Malia is full of shit and if she admitted that she snitched on Hannah just to fuck her over and have her BFF Bugs Bunny promoted to chief stew, then I might even respect her, but don't act like you were doing it out of concern when you still have a crystal of coke stuck up your nose.

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