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Kathryn Edwards Reveals Lisa Vanderpump Tried To Control Storylines On RHOBH & LVP Clapped Back

PHOTO: Bravo

Another former Pump Puppet is speaking out.

During her short time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, one season wonder Kathryn Edwards was firmly lodged inside Lisa Vanderpump's rectum, however, now she's speaking out about how the Pomeranian connoisseur tried to manipulate storylines on the show.

While appearing on Behind The Velvet Rope podcast, Kathryn was asked about Lisa potentially attempting to control storylines while filming the show's sixth season and the OJ Simpson adjacent Housewife gave us a perfect example.

Apparently, during a cast dinner at Erika Jayne's house, LVP got a text from the producers telling her to spice up the very boring dinner.

She showed Kathryn the text message and the two gave the producers what they wanted because obviously nobody wants to watch a scene where everyone is getting along. Is that even allowed on reality television? Kathryn explained:

“We were filming the scene at Erika’s house and Tom [Girardi] was there and it was after I had already told Vanderpump and the rest of the girls like, ‘Hey, you know, Erika was like, warning me about you and I should stay away from you.’ And she said that like you’re a sniper or whatever it was. And so we’re there having this dinner and we were all great. Everyone was getting along.

"Vanderpump got a text that said, ‘This dinner is really boring, make something happen. So she showed it to me and I thought, OK, well, let’s go then. Let’s make dinner and get out of here.”

However, in true reality TV fashion, the slight tension at dinner was exaggerated through editing which made it seem like Kathryn was kicked out of the Girardi's home, when in fact everyone apparently left hugging. Kathryn continued:

“And the whole conversation was completely different than the way they ended up showing it. There was no kicking anyone out of the house. We all hugged. And it was great. But they made that look so different.”

It's so wild how an editor can take three minutes of a four-hour dinner and make it look completely different. It's truly an art form. During the same interview, she also stated that Lisa Rinna was also working with producers to push storylines forward in the show, which is probably how she got tangled up in the Munchausen mess.

When asked about LVP's exit from the show, Kathryn said she believes the former Queen Bee of Beverly Hills wanted to stay on the show, however, she allegedly made demands that the producers couldn't provide her so she walked.

I don't know if Kathryn got this information from the horse's mouth (Vanderpump) or just heard it through the grapevine but this is everything she had to say:

“I don’t think that [Vanderpump] wanted to get off of the Housewife show. I think that she felt like she had to play her hand and I think she tried to stay on it to some degree with some of the things that I know of. She asked for some specific things that the show wasn’t going to give her to make it better so she can save face and she walked away. But she, in my opinion, kinda got a little bit too big for the ensemble cast. And she did produce, she did try to control the storylines.”

Following the podcast, Lisa got wind of Kathryn's comments and ripped into her on Twitter, accusing her of "denigrating" her. I don't know what that means but surely it's something bad.

LVC being the overly sensitive person she is, of course, milked this non issue for all it's worth and the two got into a Twitter War over this stupid situation. Is Vanderpump really that bored without Housewives that she has the time to write paragraphs about such an irrelevant issue? Ugh. Boring.

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I really can't be fucked to transcribe everything these two former Housewives said, so just check it out at your own leisure.

Does Lisa realize that her producing storylines is the reason she was accused of all that "crap" by the other women? Is she really that far up her own ass? Eh, I guess so.

Obviously, LVP is no longer on the show and Kathryn is spilling tea from a season that aired almost five years ago, but I always love when a past Housewife spills vintage behind the scenes tea on a random podcast years later. It's literally my heroin.

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