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Kyle Richards & Camille Grammer Fight Over Why She Won't Be On RHOBH Next Season


Housewives and Twitter wars go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Camille Grammer is doing what she does best, talking shit about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Twitter, and this time around she called Teddi Mellencamp's "accountability coach program" suspect.

If you've missed it, Teddi and her business came under fire after several past clients spoke out about how their restrictive diet program basically starved them all and encourages distorted eating.

Of course, once Camille called the business "suspect," Teddi's BFF Kyle Richards jumped in to defend her, telling Camille she needs to get a life and move on from tweeting about a show that she is no longer apart of.

She also claimed that Teddi has changed so many people's lives with her fitness program (ew) and said Camille befriends whoever she needs to in order to stay on the show.

Kyle's not wrong, Camille filmed a scene with Denise Richards this season after she was accused of sleeping with Brandi Glanville just so she could get some more camera time.

While Kyle is obviously right about Camille's motives to get herself a diamond again, I kind of admire the hustle. Is it pathetic that Camille spends her whole life on Twitter talking about these women? Yes. Does it provide us with entertainment and tea no matter how sad it may be? Fuck yes.

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In response to Kyle's lengthy slam, Camille deflected asking "Brandi never lies, Kyle?" which is obviously in reference to this season's drama, but still doesn't have anything to do with what Kyle said.

The kaftan OG responded by asking her former enemy why she is so angry because the Brandi and Denise drama has nothing to do with her. How wild is it to think that Kyle was a bridesmaid in Camille's made for TV wedding?

A fan then told the women to "bring this energy into season 11" before Kyle quickly pointed out that Camille won't be on the show next season since she's burnt every bridge and isn't friends with any of the current cast members.

The "pernicious" OG Housewife then took it upon herself to do something no one asked for and post her texts with the show's executive producer Alex Baskin to prove she left on her own accord. Camille lives and breathes to feud on Twitter.

The fact that Camille has no service on her phone but is still tweeting about this bullshit is iconic.

The only thing this "fight" did was solidify that Camille won't be back on the show probably ever again, because the only superficial connection she had left was Kyle, and not even the last standing OG of Beverly Hills wants to be around her. Hats off to Camille though for trying her hardest to stay relevant yet again...

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