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Camille Grammer Calls Out Erika Jayne For Bad Behavior Behind The Scenes While Filming RHOBH


Why am I not surprised?

During Camille Grammer's recent Twitter war with Kyle Richards, she also found the time to talk shit about Erika Jayne. I'm surprised this bitch doesn't have carpal tunnel from the amount she tweets...

Earlier this week, former cast member Kathryn Edwards appeared on a podcast claiming Lisa Vanderpump controlled storylines on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and while she was there, she also accused Erika of mistreating the crew members and talking down to people.

When Camille saw this headline she probably squirted at the idea of being able to tweet her unsolicited opinion about this situation.

The OG Housewife agreed with Kathryn's statement and shared her own story of how she saw Erika treating the crew like shit. Camille claimed that while the cast was in the Bahamas during season nine, the scene wasn't "suiting" Erika so the Pretty Mess yelled at the crew and producers.

If I had to bet when Erika's alleged meltdown occurred, it would definitely be when Lisa Vanderpump tried to say that Erika's condolence card that she sent her after her brother's passing wasn't good enough.

If only that scene was filmed this season because they definitely would've left it in and broken the fourth wall. Bravo, Bravo fucking Bravo, anyone?

Camille then doubled down in a second tweet claiming that one producer reacted to Erika's tantrum by simply saying "great, now I'm getting cursed at by Housewives" which definitely would've been an iconic quote if it had been left in the show...

Bravo really needs to release a compilation of all the past Housewife meltdowns that broke the fourth wall because that's probably the only thing that can save 2020. Also, fuck Erika...

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