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Kristen Doute Claims She And Stassi Schroeder Weren't Fired & That They're Not Racist


She's speaking out!

Following Stassi Schroeder's "comeback" interview with Tamron Hall where she revealed she was working with a "diversity coach" and took responsibility for her past racist behavior in order to rebuild her career, her fellow unemployed frenemy Kristen Doute spoke out as well.

In a series of now-deleted Instagram comments, that were obtained by Us Weekly, the former Vanderpump Rules star replied to fans saying that there was never a police report filed against Faith Stowers and stated that both she and Stassi are not racist, the comment read:

“There was never a police report, the police never had her name so she was never in harm’s way. I understand me speaking up about this is going to create major backlash but I’m tired of the rumors. Neither [me or Stassi] are racist and have absolutely no hate.”

That's not all, Kristen also spilled the tea about the scandalous incident that got her fired from the show and explained that she called a tip hotline after "multiple people" told her the woman in question was Faith.

She continued by saying she's apologized to Faith about what went down and admitted that she should've stayed out of it, before confirming that this was filmed for the reality show but never aired.

I bet Bravo destroyed any footage of these two calling the cops after all the drama that has surrounded it.

I understand that Kristen wasn't intentionally being racist when she did this and probably didn't understand the ramifications of what would happen if Faith, a black woman, had been arrested by the police for a crime that she didn't commit, however, explaining her side of the story on Instagram isn't the way to go. It was still a stupid, ignorant mistake.

However, she completely lost me when she replied to a fan saying that she and Stassi weren't fired from the show and that their contracts were just "not renewed." Um, Kristen, you were fired.

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I've loved this slightly borderline reality star since she fucked Jax Taylor while watching Drive when her boyfriend was in the other room, but just admit you were fired, sweetie. The deleted comment read:

“We weren’t fired. They chose not to renew our contracts. That was their decision to make.”

Both Stassi and Kristen have both now publically responded to this scandal and while I'm grateful for this self-reflection of their own white privilege, I really don't think we need to hear from them again. However, it is good to know that they've taken the time to educate themselves.

We can't knock them for their being ignorant behavior and then continue to slam them when they try to learn from their mistakes. I'm not saying we have to forgive them but isn't the point of calling people out for their racism to allow them to grow and learn because continuing to attack them isn't productive.

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