Andy Cohen Reacts To Snooki Potentially Joining RHONJ

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This literally NEEDS to happen.

Every few years rumors begin to circulate that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from Jersey Shore is joining The Real Housewives of New Jersey and although I get wet every time those rumors surface, they've never once proven to be true.

This time, the rumors started to spread because Snooki was down at the Jersey Shore at the same time as the New Jersey Housewives, who are currently filming their eleventh season. She has since denied joining the show but that didn't stop executive producer Andy Cohen from weighing in on the drama.

Andy's TV bestie Kelly Ripa called him during a behind the scenes clip for her daytime talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan to ask him if the rumors of Snooki joining the show were true, and although he stated she will not be on the show this season since it is currently in production, he's not ruling out bringing her on in the future.

During the phone call with Kelly, Andy stated:

“First of all, we are already in production of the next season of the show so the answer is, at no time soon would that happen. That’s a rumor that popped up a few times over the years, and it’s always something that I’ve kind of discounted. And I’ve thought, you know what, it’s two different shows. I don’t see it.”

Obviously, the Real Housewives and Jersey Shore are different shows, however, Snooki has definitely aged out of living in a share house and would fit in way better with the Housewives at this time.

She's a mother of three, she knows Melissa Gorga, she recently quit Jersey Shore for good and would bring some much-needed fame, drama, and alcohol abuse to the franchise. I see no downside.

Although Andy doesn't "see" Snooki on the show, thankfully hearing his friend Kelly Ripa talk about it on national television may have changed his mind, which is exactly what we want to hear. While looking at some positives of Snooki joining the show, Andy said:

“I know that some of the women actually know her though. And I will say, watching your show this morning and hearing it come out of your mouth kind of legitimized it in a way that it hadn’t been before for me. And It made me think, you know what? Maybe this isn’t the worst idea. I just wikipedia-ed her, she’s 32, so she’s in the age range….It’s something to keep our eyes out for. Maybe a season 11 or 12 conversation?”

Thank fuck for Kelly Ripa. Although Snooki won't be appearing on the next season of the show, Kelly's big mouth may have convinced Andy to explore her as an option for upcoming seasons. Bravo needs to stop playing around and give everyone's favorite party girl a tomato, or whatever the fuck they hold in Jersey...

As for Snooki, she denied the rumors of her joining the show on social media, saying they're not true and that she's never ever been asked to become a Housewife.

Melissa commented "damn it" after Snooki shot down the rumors, so at least we know Little Miss Envy is into the idea of her friend becoming her costar.

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