Captain Sandy Thinks Malia White Is Secretly Gay Amid Her Breakup With Tom Checketts



During the current season of Below Deck: Mediterranean, Malia White has spent the entire time inside Captain Sandy Yawn's ass, however, there may be another body part where she'd prefer to be inside...

In a recent Cameo that Captain Sandy made for a fan, she revealed that she thinks Malia is "secretly gay" and that everyone in production thinks it as well.

I am soaked from all this tea. I love that Sandy is being messy and I can just imagine the crew talking shit about Malia and her narc ways when the cameras are down. I also love that Sandy is finally saying what I've been thinking all season long.

I assumed Malia had a love for pussy since day one, so I was shocked when her "boyfriend" came aboard the boat...

Maybe Malia is such an annoying little narc cunt because she's in the closet and can't be who she really is, so she just takes her anger out on the rest of the world in gross passive-aggressive ways?

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The same can probably also be said for her now ex-boyfriend Tom Checketts because they were a pair of beards if I've ever seen one.

This shady video comes after Malia's recent Instagram post where she shared a photo for all the "single" career-driven ladies in their 30s. Her adding the word single to the captioned combined with the hashtag #thankyounext and her new haircut, definitely means she's no longer dating budget Gordon Ramsay.

Malia sucks, but if she were an out and proud lesbian, I'd definitely like her more. This tea is extremely juicy and I can't wait to see if Andy Cohen is messy enough to bring it up at the reunion...

UPDATED: Following all the social media drama surrounding Malia's love life, she took to Instagram to confirm that she and Tom did in fact break up and that she is not a lesbian.

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