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Ashley Darby Admits To Cheating On Her Husband Amid His Latest Infidelity Scandal

Well, this would've been nice to know on the show...

This season of The Real Housewives of Potomac has involved yet another storyline about Ashley Darby's geriatric Australian husband cheating on her once again.

In case you're not watching Potomac, which you all should be, Michael allegedly told everyone at a strip club that he has a boyfriend and a wife and was subseqently caught red handed in a hotel room with a stripper from the club.

He claims he only kissed the stripper in the taxi and then fell asleep in the hotel room before anything happened. Okay, Michael, okay. The couple admitted to having threesomes in their past to try and mitigate Michael's cheating ways, however, now Ashley is speaking out about another reason she decided to stay with him.

During a Q&A on her Instagram stories, Ashley admitted to being unfaithful to her husband in the past, which she revealed after fans asked why she was still with Michael after he cheated on her on international television once again. Ashley explained:

“A common question that I’m getting is about last night’s episode of the show. People are asking me did I stay with Michael…I haven’t always been the best wife to my husband and I haven’t always been the most faithful. Michael has forgiven me, I’ve made mistakes, and we’ve moved on, so that’s how I can move forward with him.

"And also, I delineate between what’s the truth, and what’s made up, and I handle and address what’s the truth and I don’t let myself get caught up in what’s fake and folly for your entertainment.”

Why wouldn't Ashley say she cheated on him on the reality show they are on, instead of saving this juicy nugget for her Instagram stories?

Although both claim they are in a monogamous relationship, this thing definitely seems wide open. However, it doesn't look like Ashley is going anywhere soon after she announced she was pregnant with the couple's second child.

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