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All The Leaked RHONJ Text Message Drama From The Last Week

PHOTO: Instagram

This family drama is more exhausting than my own!

Following the season 13 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey earlier this week, Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga have been at war on social media. These two are done with each other and are now just using Instagram to try and be the side of the family that stays on the show for season 14.

On Tuesday night's premiere, Melissa claimed she texted Teresa after taping the season 12 reunion and didn't hear back from her until Tre invited her to her 50th birthday trip weeks before production was set to begin on the new season. Melissa and Joe thought this behaviour was fake considering she had months in between to reach out and fix things.

After the episode aired, somehow All About The Real Housewives had access to the text messages between Melissa and Teresa and leaked them to Instagram. Obviously, Tre sent them the text messages to try and clear her name, which is fine - all is fair in reality television, but she could've posted them on her own story instead of releasing them to a blogger to do her dirty work.

I am officially over their family drama but at the same time, I'm a complete whore for leaked text messages so anytime I see blue and grey messages between Bravo talent appear on my Instagram I immediately wet myself.

The messages begin on March 31st with Melissa saying she’s fine about not being in the wedding and wants to move forward from all the drama. Teresa totally ignored this and replied with an Easter post (?) of two guys with painted eggs on their asses.

It wasn’t until May 3rd, after watching the reunion, that Teresa (obviously with the help of Luis) replied saying she wants things to be better and asked Melissa out for lunch.

Melissa then declined her lunch invite, saying it was calculated for Teresa to reply only after watching the reunion. I’m #TeamMelissa on this one. Why would she go to lunch with Tre, two weeks before filming starts, after Teresa made it clear they aren’t and will never be friends?

Teresa then invited Melissa and Joe over for her birthday but they declined because they had a business dinner in the city.

But wait... there's more! Following Tre leaking her texts with Melissa, Luis Ruelas's text messages, inviting the Gorgas to Tre's 50th birthday vacation, were also leaked. In the messages, Luis is obviously trying to bring the family back together and it feels like it's from a genuine place but both Melissa and Joe Gorga are not having a bar of it.

I see both sides. Luis wants everyone to be a family and Teresa wants to do damage control before the new season begins filming after her behaviour at the season 12 reunion. The Gorgas don't believe Teresa's invite is coming from a good place and were probably waiting until cameras started rolling to rehash any of the drama.

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Honestly, this Giudice-Gorga drama is making my head spin and if their relationship is this toxic then they both need to go their separate ways. This is why you should never go on reality television with your family if you actually want to stay together...

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