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Guerdy Abraira Revealed Why Andy Cohen Yelled At Larsa Pippen At RHOM Reunion & Larsa Clapped Back

PHOTO: Peacock

The girls are fighting!

A few weeks ago, Andy Cohen made headlines while filming The Real Housewives of Miami season 5 reunion. In a video posted to his Instagram story he jokingly apologised to Larsa Pippen for "yelling" at her during the taping.

Most of the time when Andy raises his voice during a reunion it's because the women are screaming like banshees and getting nowhere in their conversation, however, this time it seems like he yelled at Larsa for a different reason.

During an appearance at Page Six's "Virtual Reali-Tea" live show, Guerdy Abraira was asked about the screaming match between Andy and Larsa and admitted it had to do with the word bastard. Is this what Housewives has come to? Guerdy explained:

“Well, it’s over the definition of a child out of wedlock - is that called a bastard or is that not? It’s literally, like, trying to move forward and there’s a misunderstanding about what the content of some contexts are, and so, you’ll see what happens at the reunion, obviously."

In my "expert opinion," I'd guess that "Bastard Gate" has something to do with Nicole Martin. She's currently not married to the father of her son and she infamously doesn't get along with Larsa. The bootleg Kardashian probably said something about Nicole having a child out of wedlock and the whole situation spiralled from there. Who knows, it's just my prediction.

While on the stage, Guerdy was also asked who she believed was the fakest Housewife on her cast and wasted no time naming Larsa.

Of course, Larsa couldn't hold back after the articles started making the rounds on Twitter and clapped back at her cast member's statements.

Scottie Pippen's ex replied to the article about why Andy screamed at her saying "was she even there" which leads me to believe that she got into it with Andy for a different reason and Guerdy got her facts wrong. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks when the reunion drops.

Larsa also reacted to Guerdy calling her the fakest Housewife in a tweet that read "Says the one that fakes the most tears."

Obviously, there's no love loss between here. I don't remember these two getting into it with each other during the season, but I guess they're naturally on different sides of the group considering Larsa's close with Alexia Nepola and Guerdy's besties with Nicole. At least they'll have a feud going into season six. I can't WAIT for the reunion!

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