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Kelly Dodd Calls Vicki Gunvalson A Pig (Again) & Fights With Her Brother On Instagram

PHOTO: Bravo

This bitch is really digging herself an even deeper grave!

Within the last year Kelly Dodd has gone from being the fan favorite of The Real Housewives of Orange County to the most hated Bravolebrity on the entire network.

Social media has erupted over the past few months demanding for Kelly to be fired from the show after her countless insensitive comments about the coronavirus and her "Drunk Wives Matter" hat earlier this week. Although she's already in the hot seat, Kelly's still managing to get involved in even more social media drama.

Vicki Gunvalson shared a meme that called the the season 7 RHOC cast (Vicki, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow and Gretchen Rossi) Chanel and the season 15 cast (Kelly, Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter and Elizabeth Vargas) a yard sale, which is pretty fucking accurate.

The current cast is trash compared to what we used to have and I really can't believe Bravo let it get this bad. Actually I can, Bravo's casting decisions in the last few years have been worse than the current cast's fashion choices.

For some reason, Kelly's brother Eric Meza decided to comment on the meme with laughing emojis which caused the alleged train conductor to call him out. First of all, why the fuck is her brother involving himself in a stupid Housewives meme? And second, why the fuck does Kelly care? Text him, don't do it over Instagram...

Of course, Kelly wasn't done with commenting on the post and did what she does best, call Vicki a pig. Kelly not only called the OG of the OC Miss Piggy but labelled her "funky body" gross, said you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig and then threw in a bunch of pig emojis for dramatic effect. Does Kelly have anything better to do? Like, I don't know, plan her wedding or post some more stupid shit about COVID?

You would think Kelly would've learned her lesson and stopped calling Vicki a pig by now, but who am I kidding, this is Kelly Dodd we're talking about and she has the self reflection of a broken mirror.

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