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Kim Zolciak’s Husband Kroy Biermann Accused Of Owing $22K To NFL Agent

PHOTO: Bravo

Looks like he was tardy with his payments...

Four years after retiring from the NFL, Kroy Biermann is being accused of owing his former agent more than $22,000 in unpaid fees. I guess that money went towards Kim Zolciak's excessive shopping addiction and not Kroy's debt.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Kroy's former NFL agent, Andrew Baker of Exclusive Sports Group is alleging that after reaching out to his former client multiple times, he still hasn't received his money. The agent is claiming that he negotiated numerous contracts for Kroy with both the Atlanta Falcons and the Buffalo Bills and wants the money that is owed to him.

He says after sending the football player turned reality star “necessary” reminders, Kroy would always pay either all or half of the money owed to his agent, until he just stopped paying his agent's bill altogether and now owes Andrew $22,120 in unpaid fees.

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They were both scheduled to attend a Zoom hearing on June 4, but Kroy never showed up, so his former agent filed documents for arbitration on June 22. Later on September 4, he then filed a "proposed order and judgment" which would require Kroy to finally pay him the money he owes.

Kroy, just pay the man his money, it's really not that hard, unless you don't have $22K to cough up and then it's a problem. I've always said I'm confused how the Biermann's can afford their lifestyle and this lawsuit is perfect proof that they can't.

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