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Lisa Vanderpump Claims Dorit Kemsley Lied About Her Not Reaching Out After Home Invasion

PHOTO: Bravo

Another day, another Housewives Twitter feud!

Following the premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley's home invasion has been the talk of the Bravo universe and even her ex-costars are weighing in.

After the episode aired, Dorit and Kyle Richards appeared on Watch What Happens Live and during the After Show, Dorit was asked if her old friend Lisa Vanderpump had reached out to her following the robbery. Dorit said she hadn't heard a word from LVP.

Well, of course, this tea got back to Lisa who took to Twitter to claim Dorit wasn't telling the truth. LVP posted a tweet stating she had reached out to Dorit's husband PK and that he hadn't replied, even after Lisa was in a horse riding accident.

She also managed to throw a receipt in there of a cropped text, she allegedly sent PK, which read "I'm sorry to hear what transpired glad to hear you're all safe."

Dorit and PK haven't clapped back at Lisa but is this really a situation where they need to? Dorit had a gun held to her head, does if matter whether or not someone she used to be on a TV show with texts her about it?

Maybe PK had Lisa blocked? Or maybe he didn't tell Dorit she texted him, whatever the case I don't think Dorit would lie about something so trivial on WWHL.

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For someone who refuses to talk about the "horrible" people she used to be on a show with, LVP loves clapping back whenever any of the women answer a question about her. If you don't care about them, why even respond? Lisa obviously only tweeted that to stir up some drama and get her rabid bot fans to have a field day with it - and I guess it worked.


UPDATE: Following Vanderpump's tweet, PK took to Instagram with a little "British humour" by joking he employed Sherlock to locate the text Lisa allegedly sent him. Clearly the situation isn't that deep but I'm sure LVP will clap back with a passive aggressive tweet in no time.

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