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Lisa Vanderpump's Husband Sued For $80,000 Over Villa Blanca's Unpaid Rent

PHOTO: Bravo

Another day, another Bravo lawsuit.

Back in July, Lisa Vanderpump announced her restaurant Villa Blanca was closing down after 12 years of business. Although her restaurant is no longer open that hasn't stopped her former landlord from suing her husband, Ken Todd, for over $80,000 in unpaid rent. Maybe LVP's not as rich as we thought?

According to The Blast, Golden Triangle Building LLC, the landlord company that owns the space Villa Blanca used to occupy, is taking legal action against Lisa's husband and accusing him of breaching their lease. The court documents state Ken and Lisa signed a lease with them in 2009 to open Villa Blanca and the plaintiff is alleging the couple broke the lease after they "failed and refused" to pay their rent.

The company claims the reality TV couple terminated the lease themselves, something the landlord believes they have no right to do. The lawsuit states that Ken claims he paid the company a $40,000 security deposit but they apparently have no record of it. The landlord is demanding they pay $80,236 for October’s rent and also wants the couple to pay up another $80,236 in damages.

Basically, Ken and Lisa closed up shop due to the pandemic and stopped paying their rent for the space and the landlord is claiming they never ended the lease and is chasing their money. Of course, LVP released a statement saying their restaurant would've reopened if the landlord was willing to renegotiate the lease and hinted at possibly reopening Villa Blanca in a different location, she stated:

“If the landlord had been willing to renegotiate and the lease wasn’t ending, we would have reopened, but unfortunately with Coronavirus, the situation was beyond our control. While saying goodbye to the location where we have actively served the Beverly Hills community for 12 years and employed hundreds of Angelenos, is a sad time for us, we are excited to perhaps bring Villa Blanca back in the future at a different location – as its staff and customers have always been a family. We will definitely be opening up the other restaurants as soon as the government allows it and they are safe to open.”

This seems like a complete mess and if they shut down because they couldn't afford to pay the rent then paying this company over $80,000 in unpaid rent and possibly another $80,236 in damages is definitely going to hurt their pockets.

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