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Heather Thomson Talks About Drug Use On RHONY

PHOTO: Bravo

Holla is a fucking savage.

During a recent episode of her new podcast, In My Head, businesswoman turned reality star Heather Thomson interviewed her former costar and friend Carole Radziwill, and naturally, the conversation was about their time on The Real Housewives of New York City and the other cast member's drug use.

The ladies spoke about their first big cast trip to St. Barths during season five of the show. In case you can't remember your RHONY cast trips, this was when Lu (allegedly) fucked the pirate.

After Aviva Drescher crashed the trip with her husband, Carole went on a double date with them with some guy named Russ, while Heather was stuck having dinner with Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, and Sonja Morgan. She revealed Lu and Sonja got into a fight about season four that broke the fourth wall, Holla revealed:

“Sonja and Luann got in the sickest fight when we were at dinner and all of this dirt came up about last season, it was all breaking the fourth wall, so none of it made it in, so I was like in shock, literally shaking after that meal. There were all kinds of stuff coming out about drugs and alcohol.”

Obviously, no one is surprised that these New York women dabble in a bit of booger sugar, however, it's nice to have some confirmation, and it didn't stop there. Heather went on to say that once the cameras went down and Luann brought the pirate back to the house on that iconic night, the pair went into Heather's room where she witnessed even more drug use. Heather explained:

“We threw back a few tequila shots in those pirate costumes and mama was passed out cold. All of a sudden I heard a knock at the door and I heard Luann’s deep voice. She comes in and the pirate slides in behind her. She had brought me a joint, I’m dead asleep, I’m like “hey thanks appreciate it,” but then other things happened. Stronger drugs came out and I remember saying to Luann “I’m not into this.”

Lu would definitely find this conversation very uncool, but that's not all. Heather and Carole also discussed Sonja's fling with the same pirate and Little Miss Holla recounted the story of how she saw the two in a very "precarious" situation but decided to protect Sonja and keep the cameras away, she confessed:

“[We were] running from the cameras as they were about to close down, which is crazy because we’re on a reality show, but I open the door and there was Sonja and the pirate in the room in a very precarious situation and she jumped off the bed like supergirl and flew across the room with her heels kicked out behind her and her hands straight ahead and she closed that door and I had everyone up behind me and I knew what I had just seen. The pirate was in there, Sonja was in there and they had some party favors in there and I saw more than I wanted to."

If anyone isn't familiar with the thrills of Colombia's finest export, when Heather refers to "stronger drugs" and "party favors" she obviously means cocaine.

These bitches are essentially the biggest vacuums on the Upper East Side and it's always snowing if you know what I mean. Hey, I'm not faulting them, I would pay good money to take back a few lines and chain smoke with these women.

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All the drug talk aside, Heather also spoke about how the morning after she protected Sonja, the pirate, and their cocaine from the camera crew, she discovered skid marks all over Sonja's room. Yes, you read that right. I don't know what the problem is with these women's bowels but I guess they've been shitting on the floors of vacation homes since day one. Heather said:

“[The next morning] I saw the skid mark from her rubber soles because everything in that house was white and I said to you “we should go up there and clean it” and what we found was a lot more than a shoe skid mark honey. Holy shit, no pun intended but maybe so.”

Maybe the rumor that Sonja did anal with the pirate was true and that's why she erupted all over her entire room? For future reference Sonj, if you're going to do anal you've gotta douche beforehand!

This tea basically solidifies that Holla will never be back on the show and after listening to this episode, I really don't think she wants to return. but its great press for her new podcast,

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