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Kristen Doute Claims Bravo Is Sexist For Not Firing Jax Taylor


She has a point...

Unless you've been living under a Bravo sized rock, you should be aware that both Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired from Vanderpump Rules in June after calling the police on their black member, Faith Stowers, for a crime she didn't commit.

Their fellow OG Jax Taylor also accused Faith of committing the same crime and has made several racist and homophobic comments over the years, so naturally, fans of the show have been curious why he still has a job while Stassi and Kristen don't. The fact that Bravo hasn't fired Jax is fucking disgusting.

After Kristen posted a photo with Lala Kent at her gender reveal party (spoiler: she's having a baby girl), a fan commented on the post asking why there is a double standard where everyone turns to a blind eye to Jax's "remorseless behavior" but holds Kristen accountable for things she has done years ago.

The former reality star replied with one word: sexism.

Honestly, Kristen isn't wrong. Jax accused Faith of stealing, has made several insulting comments about Ariana Madix's sexuality, allegedly refused to film with Billie Lee because she was transgender, and has tweeted a bunch of homophobic and racist things online that got quickly deleted.

Can Bravo please elaborate on why they fired Stassi and Kristen as a sign that they "stand against racism" but didn't fire Jax when he has done the exact same things? The only reason I can think of why Jax still has a job is, well, sexism.

Vanderpump Rules season nine is still up in the air!

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