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Roger Mathews Accuses JWOWW Of Violence, Drug Use & Exploiting Their Children

This shit is never ending.

Following Jenni "JWOWW" Farley accusing her ex-husband Roger Mathews of abuse, cheating and so much more in a very lengthy letter, he clapped back in a now-deleted video and decided to write his own letter back to Jenni.

I swear to God it's the longest thing ever written. It took me at least 30 minutes to get through it, so you can read it here, or I'll just give you the footnotes. Just FYI, I don't agree with Roger AT ALL but here's his story:

  • Apparently, they went to counselling from September to Thanksgiving and only stopped after he asked her to put her phone down to talk to her daughter and she "flipped out" and said she wanted to push the divorce forward.

  • After they officially broke up in November, Roger agreed to move out on January 1 and Jenni allegedly said she'd suck him dry (financially) if he tried to get custody of the children.

  • Their daughter got the flu on December 12 and JWOWW apparently promised to spend Thursday and Friday with her but then told Roger she had to work Friday, so they started fighting with occured the same day she took out a restraining order against him.

  • He also claims he has filmed many videos of Jenni on his phone but won't release them because it's wrong, but holding that over her head is doing the exact same thing.

  • She (allegedly) lied about CPS examining their kids by stripping them naked.

  • Roger said they worked out a custody agreement, however, when his team asked for 50/50 custody that was when she decided to release her letter accusing him of abuse and said she only released it on her website to get promotion for her products, but he released this letter on HIS website. So what's his point?

  • He ADMITTED to only getting physical with her three times in eight years but blamed them on her being the aggressor and tried to prove this by saying her ex-boyfriend (who she said almost killed her) came forward to tell him she chased him down the street, stabbed him in the hand with a Samurai knife and slit his tires. However, Jenni allegedly admitted on tape she lied about the allegations of that boyfriend.

  • The first boyfriend apparently told Roger to contact Tom, the one who extorted her, who apparently said she was violent too. Roger also denies having any involvement in the extortion.

  • Using her exes as evidence he claims she's the aggressive one and claims she never told anyone in eight years he was abusive until now and if her friends say otherwise, they're lying.

  • He says Jenni threw a Yankee candle and vaccum cleaner at him while he was holding their son which she later told her Jersey Shore cast members

  • Roger also said he never cheated on Jenni and in the video, she was referring to him having sex with a married woman before he was with her.

  • He claims she was also addicted to cocaine, causing them to break up briefly, and after she kicked the coke addiction she picked up Adderall and has been addicted for three years and smokes weed regularly.

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Roger ended the letter by saying she exploits their son's autism to sell her products, is a master manipulator, threatened to divorce him weekly and called him a faggot regularly, however, he wants to put their differences aside to be friends and get along for their children.

So he wrote a scathing letter calling her a violent, lying drug addict fame whore, but wants to get along? This is going to get a lot more nasty before it gets better and it's hard to believe he "simply asks" JWOWW things and she flips out as a result. Are you buying what he's selling? Playing the vicitm is an abusers trait. #TeamJWOWW.

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