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The Real Housewives Franchise Ranked

Now with season 8 of The Real Housewives of New York finally wrapped up, we thought it was the perfect chance to have a walk down memory lane and have a think about all the cities across America that have become real! Every Real Housewives fan has their reasons on which city they love the most. Whether its down in Atlanta for some southern shade, in Jersey for the family values or over on the west coast to see the extravagant lifestyles in Beverly Hills, everyone has a different favourite! Take a look below to see how we ranked the 9 US cities and see if you agree!

9 - The Real Housewives of D.C.

Do we really need to explain this mess? Lasted one season, was about politics and one of them crashed a white house dinner! The ratings obviously didn't match up to the huge ones of it's sister shows, but they weren't terrible. HBIC Andy Cohen said that Michaele Salahi crashing the White House dinner put a stink on the show and was the cause of the eventual cancellation! Aw, well at least it will always go down as the first US installment to get cancelled. Next!

8 - The Real Housewives of Dallas

These ladies from the south failed to bring it on their first season as Real Housewives. It wasn't a complete failure but proved to be a total snooze fest with only a 10 episode season and only one part reunion special. One upside was ex-carny Leeane Locken bringing her crazy ass to the show and even threatening to kill another cast member for telling people that she shit in a bag - yep that really happened! Overall the show wasn't that bad and I am so excited to see how everything turns out in season two!

7 - The Real Housewives of Potomac

The second all black Housewives show was definitely the superior show to Dallas when two new cities were announced to air in 2016. Potomac had a tired obsession with etiquette and many of the ladies attempts of shade was just sad when compared to sister show Atlanta, however on the whole the show was a success. Potomac was definitely an underrated hit and did amazing in the ratings. While none of the ladies really achieved superstar status they did manage to achieve a second season which will most likely air later this year.

6 - The Real Housewives of Miami

Miami premiered first in 2011 and was always a failure in the ratings. Although there was some iconic moments like Adriana punching Joanna and two weddings, the show did undergo a cast shakeup and have a whole new look going into the second season however it never quite matched up to it's sister shows and fell short on many levels. Fans still push Mr. Cohen for a fourth season which seemingly will never happen...

5 - The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Once upon a time Jersey would have been much higher up on this list, however with jailbird Teresa's prison stint and two cast shakeups the show is on the decline. When the show started it revolved around family and was made famous by Teresa's iconic table flip. The fights were real and the three season feud of Teresa vs Melissa will go down in housewives history but after time the whole show has become "The Teresa Show", but lets be real - what would Jersey be without its Queen Tre. Season 7 hasn't had the best ratings but with the return of OG Jacqueline, newcomers Dolores and Siggy and a preview of more drama yet to come, I think it's safe to say that Jersey is on the turn around and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

4 - The Real Housewives of Orange County

The ladies from the OC were the first ladies on Bravo that started it all, evolving from a show about families behind the orange curtain to an international reality phenomenon. Their latest season is on fire and has the highest ratings ever! However they are kinda the least notable from the other top 5 sister cities but that doesn't mean it doesn't have some iconic moments. Like Jesus Jugs, Tamra throwing wine at Jeana and the now infamous cancer scandal which may have tainted the whole franchises credibility - we see you Brooks! After 11 years on television Orange County the ladies are still going strong and it don't look like they are going anywhere anytime soon!

3 - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is all about the lifestyle of the rich and famous with some catfights on the side. If you thought the other housewives were rich think again because the ladies from 90210 are loaded! Travel destinations, walk in fridges and massive mansions are just the tip of the iceberg! Of course the ladies didn't just earn this spot for their money. Since day one the girls have had drama whether it was Camille vs Kyle, Lisa vs Lisa or Brandi vs basically everyone - Beverly Hills has always been entertaining. Of course there was a dip with 'Munchausen gate' but here's hoping the ladies can get back on track next season!

2 - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Second place goes to the shadiest ladies from the south who have been a ratings power house for Bravo since the beginning. Even to this day their one liners, weave pulls and epic fights have earned them their place as Bravo's top rated show, not to mention that RHOA has had more spinoffs than any other Housewives show. Season 8 did have a dip in the ratings but a dip in the ATL's ratings is still better than any of the other cities best day. From Kim Zolciak and NeNe's endless feud to Phaedra's shadiest reads there has always been drama in Georgia. Although Atlanta was the first franchise to loose an OG it is still going strong and we can't wait for it's ninth season!

1 - The Real Housewives of New York City

Taking out the top spot is the ladies from the Big Apple. When the show started way back when it evolved around families and businesses. Flash forward through a major cast shakeup, countless divorces, leg throwing, an epic housewife return and RHONY has had a full 180. Now the show if full with single ladies and season 8 has probably had one of the best casts ever. The Tom cheating scandal made Housewives history and this season has been labeled as the best Real Housewives season EVER! Damn. New York truly is the most underrated city of them all and now the ladies are on top of their game and I am excited to see the girls next year!

Do you agree with this ranking? Sound off in the comments!

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