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A Definitive List Of Every Real Housewives Divorce Ever!

Kenya Moore is the latest Housewife to enter the divorce club and she is joined by many of her Bravo colleagues. Due to the insane divorce rate among Bravo's Housewives we decided to create a list of every Real Housewives divorce and there may be more divorces than boobjobs among this crew. Only breakups that occured after the cameras went up are on the list, so you won't be seeing any pre-Bravo divorces here!

Vicki Gunvalson: The OG of the OC got divorced from her second husband Donn right after their vow renewal, which is further proof you should never have a vow renewal. We later found out both Vicki and Donn cheated on each other in their marriage which was how the cancer scammer Brooks Ayers and his bad teeth came into the picture.

Jeana Keough: All I remember about this divorce is that her husband was a rude asshole, maybe abusive and always yelling at her from the other room. Jeana, of course, made excuses for his bad behaviour as she does all men. After they divorced I vaguely remember Jeana coming to an OC finale party with her younger trainer boyfriend, maybe?

Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge: This was probably the most iconic divorce considering Tamra asked (or demanded) it from Simon ON CAMERA in that scary limo ride, which just goes to show nothing good EVER happens in a limo on these shows. Just ask Kim Richards. Their divorce caused Tamra's eldest daughter to take her dad's side and we're still seeing the repercussions of that.

Lynne Curtin: One of my personal favourite OC Housewives got divorced after her daughter got served with the eviction notice - ON CAMERA! Those were the days. Her husband lied about their money issues and begged her to stay but Lynne couldn't take it, so she took her cuffs and got the fuck out of there.

Alexis Bellino: The Bellinos will always be remembered for three things: their love of God, his controlling ways and that trampoline park. Their divorce comes as a surprise considering he filed and is asking her for spousal support. Is Alexis Couture really bringing in that much income?

Shannon Beador: This was probably one of the most dramatic marriages in Housewives history. David's affair was exposed, then the couple renewed their vows and were closer than ever - David even helped Shannon pull out her failed colonic. However, after that fatal Ireland bus ride, Shannon gained weight, David pulled away which resulted in a season of Shannon yelling at anyone in sight and finally getting a divorce. No one can say she didn't try.

Lizzie Rovsek: I have no recollection of her husband but I do remember Tamra said Lizzie let's her kids punch her in the face at the reunion. Did that have something to do with their split? Eh. Who cares? I'm sure she's somewhere posting pictures with Gretchen Rossi in hopes to get back on the show.

Kelly Dodd: When you reveal your husband is a narcissist and you only stayed with him because he made you go through a terrible divorce in your second episode on TV, your marriage is pretty much doomed. Kelly was never happy in her marriage and after a few Bravo checks, she filed for divorce a second time around and she's happier than ever with her bench full of guys!

Gina Kirschenheiter: Possibly the most bizarre and boring divorce we've ever seen. She never showed her husband on the show because he lives in LA and got a divorce from him in the middle of her first season, claiming they were still best friends but just can't be together anymore. We all know Matt was probably fucking any and everything he could find in his LA apartment but we'll go along with Gina's tale of events.

Ramona Singer: Out of countless divorces, the Singer separation was easily the most surprising. Mario played around with some younger girl which made Ramona talk back to Andy at the season six reunion. She broke up with him due to his cheating ways and got some new hair and new boobs to attract more men into her life, however, Mario was just spotted filming scenes for the new season so a Big Apple reconciliation could be on the horizon.

Luann De Lesseps: Luann is the only Housewife to make the list TWICE. First she divorced the Count for unknown reasons but I remember something about an African Princess? Anyway, after a boatload of men (including the pirate) Luann finally married Tom who had dated Ramona and slept with Sonja. He also cheated on Lu the day before their engagement party, which was a sign they *probably* shouldn't be married, but Lu persisted and walked down the aisle only to divorce him seven months later and wind up getting arrested for trying to fuck in someone else's hotel room. Who said money can't buy you class?

Bethenny Frankel: This divorce was not only the worst in Housewives history but probably the world. After two years of marriage Bethenny filed for divorce and Jason started shitting all over the floor of their SoHo loft. Literally. He played games to make the divorce as long as he could which ultimately lasted four years. After a restraining order against Jason, the exes are now reopening a custody case for their daughter Brynne. It. Never. Ends.

Jules Wainstein: This One Season New York Housewife divorced her very small husband while season eight was airing. We later discovered her little bitch husband Michael was cheating and didn't really give two fucks about their kids. Jules left the show because she couldn't talk about the divorce and probably because she was boring as fuck.

NeNe Leakes: NeNe divorced Gregg in the early seasons of RHOA but never really gave us a clear reason why. The minute after the divorce was finalised Gregg kept trying to woo NeNe and they ended up getting married again in an over the top made-for-TV wedding spinoff. Does that sound like a convenient storyline to you?

DeShawn Snow: DeShawn was fired after her first season and later divorced her husband off-camera. Through Instagram she's lost heaps of weight and is looking snatched so I guess there's a silver lining to divorce. Surely we bring her back for a cameo apperance.

Lisa Wu: After Lisa left the show, she and her husband Ed Hartwell called it quits. She appeared on Hollywood Divas (the budget RHOA) and Ed moved onto Cosby kid Keisha Knight Pullman and now they're going through their own messy divorce.

Phaedra Parks: This was the shadiest divorce to ever take place. Apollo went to jail back in 2014 and we still don't know the status of their divorce. Shady Phae Phae played heaps of shady games so no one really knows if the papers have been signed, but I think they have. Ugh. I don't know. The last thing I recall about this couple is him coming at her with a drill in their garage. "Mmm. Ok Apollo."

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas

Cynthia Bailey: Cynthia's ex-husband Peter was her storyline for most of her reality TV career. Peter was more of a Housewife than she was. Following a video being leaked of him *maybe* making out with a girl they stayed together but broke up because of Bar One. I think. I can't remember but I'm sure Peter and his peach grabbing hands are pissed about the absence of Bravo cameras from his life.

Porsha Williams: Kordell didn't turn up to the season five reunion and a week later he filed for divorce. We still don't really know why they broke up, Porsha tried to say he was gay but the divorce basically secured her sophomore season and now years later she's pregnant and engaged so I guess everything's coming up Porsha!

Kenya Moore: I’m not sure which was more surprising, Kenya’s secret off-camera wedding to Marc Daly in St Lucia two years ago, or the couple filing for divorce two days after appearing on daytime TV as a happy family. As per usual, nothing seems to make sense in Keyonce’s life, but I’m sure she’ll twirl this into a storyline. Hey, at least she had the sense to get divorced during filming this time...

Dina Manzo: Dina and her estranged sister Caroline married brothers, however, the zen Housewife divorced hers who was working all the time and after a brief return to the show, Dina's now living her best life in Malibu with her millionaire fiance. Last I heard they were victims of a home invasion but I guess they're good now?

Danielle Staub: After being engaged 20 TIMES (you fucking stupid bitch!) the Prostitution Whore finally married #20 in an elaborate Bahamas wedding, probably for storyline purposes. However, after only three months of marriage and too many police visits, they called it quits and she's still only a friend of the show. How much is it gonna take to get this bitch promoted?

Mary Schmidt Amons, Michaele Salami, Catherine Ommanney, Stacie Scott Turner: The DC installment was a mistake that should've never happened and I think it's fair we group all the DC Housewives together because no one can remember the show let alone all their marriages.

Camille Grammer: Kelsey Grammer set Camille up with RHOBH so he could have an affair with a 20 something flight attendant in New York while she was distracted fighting with rich bitches in Malibu. The couple divorced at the end of the first season which gave Camille the perfect excuse to blame all her bad season one behaviour on when she reemerged as Saint Camille Grammer in her second and final season. She's still in the background though and just got remarried in a Hawaiian wedding.

Taylor Armstrong: Before Russell killed himself in the weeks leading up to the second season premiere of Beverly Hills, Taylor filed for divorce after suffering years of abuse from the monster that he was. After going through, probably the darkest period in the entire franchise, Taylor apparently now lives down the street from Vicki Gunvalson.

Adrienne Maloof: After Brandi Glanville spilled the tea about Adrienne having a surrogate on TV, she played hookey for the entire season and ditched the reunion taping. The fighting with her husband Paul escalated and they ultimately called it quits, however, he still has Botched and she's fucking younger guys, so I guess it's a win win!

Yolanda Hadid and David Foster

Yolanda Hadid: Another shocking divorce was Yolanda, David and their lemon tree. David had a hot mic moment on season six trash talking Yolanda's sickness and soon after they were getting divorced. Munchausen not only ruined her reality TV career, immune system and overall health but also her marriage. Does she still even have it? Now David's engaged to Katherine McPhee who could be his daughter.

Carlton Gebbia: Along with Carlton being the first witch of the franchise, she was also the first to openly build she and her husband their own sex room. It was very 50 Shades Of Grey. After she left the show her nanny allegedly threw herself off her balcony and she divorced her husband. Fuck, she left the show at the wrong time. I wonder who gets custody of the sex room.

Marysol Patten: I vaguely remember Marysol eloping and I vaguely remember her getting a divorce very quickly after. See this is what happens when your show gets cancelled. I hope Mama Elsa is well though.

Joanna Krupa: Joanna and Roman got married on camera even after she spent two seasons talking about how they never have sex. After four years of marriage they called it quits, however, he defended her in the Smelly Pussy lawsuit with Brandi Glanville saying her vagina smelt perfectly fine. Aw, I guess that's true love!

Larsa Pippen: This One Season Miami Housewife filed for divorce from her famous NBA husband Scottie Pippen after she was spotted out with the rapper Future, then reconciled and they've now called it quits again. On the up side, at least she's still Kim Kardashian's bestie!

Charisse Jackson-Jordan: These two were basically divorced before she even started the show. Eddie was in Jersey with his girlfriends and Charisse was back in Potomac with the fireman. We've only seen Eddie once on the show when Ashley tried to be messy and at this point I think Cha Cha's divorce may be official. Who knows but do we really care?

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