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Bethenny Frankel's New Legal Drama With Jason Hoppy!

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny's ex-husband just won't leave her alone and now B is fighting back! Back in November we all found out how Jason went to their daughters school and yelled at Bethenny, trying to start something. Then we found out the tea that he's was sending Bethenny and her boyfriend at the time Dennis, hundreds of abusive calls and texts. Talk about obsessed! So Bethenny got a restraining order and pressed charges of stalking and harassment against him.

On Tuesday in court Jason tried to get those charges dismissed and the judge was not having it. Our sources are telling us that Jason was offered a plea deal and if he takes it, his restraining order would continue for another year and if there was no problems in the year then the case would probably be adjourned.

I am so over Jason Hoppy. Bethenny finally got her divorce after 4 years of hell and now this creep is still causing trouble. Just let Bethenny be happy Jason! And where are his parents from Pennsylvania? They need to pull their son into line and make him stop acting like a fool because he has a daughter that is gonna find out about all of this mess when she's old enough.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesday night at 9/8c. Check out Good Tea's episode recaps to see all our shady views on your favourite women of the Big Apple.

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