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Shade of the Week: Caitlyn Jenner

No I am not shading Caitlyn because she's transgender. I'm shading Caitlyn because she's thirsty. When Caitlyn was Bruce no one cared. He was the angry old dad stuck in the middle of this crazy family. However when Bruce became Caitlyn everyone was obsessed and Caitlyn's thirsty ass sucked up all the attention she was getting.

Ever since Caitlyn transitioned she has been reaching for attention and stepped on the Kardashians, on her way up. Every opportunity Cailtyn has had she's used it to slam the Kardashians, think about it. The vanity fair article, the spinoff show, the biography - all used to slam her own "family."

Don't even get me started on Caitlyn's political side. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but don't vote for someone who openly says they hate transgender people and the get mad when he bans transgender people from the military. What did you expect Caitlyn?

I think Caitlyn should shut your big mouth and leave Kris and the girls alone, because you do not want to be in Kris Jenner's bad books! Proceed with caution, Caitlyn!

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