Amal Clooney Doesn't Want To Be Angelina's Friend!

Angie just wants some friends!

Word on the street is that Angelina Jolie reached out to Amal Clooney to try and start a friendship, but Amal completely ignored the actress.

Apparently Ang wanted to try and mend their relationship and become friends since they run in the same circles. Insiders are saying that Amal wants nothing to do with Angelina and doesn't like what she 'represents.'

Amal was Shade of the Week because I think she is sneaky mean girl - and this is just more proof! This feud allegedly started when Ang tried to give Amal advice about having twins and George Clooney's wife completely shut her out!

Angelina is not my favourite person but Amal should at least give her a chance! I don't understand why Angie would want to be friends with Amal because she is beyond boring! Maybe her motive is to get back into George Clooney's exclusive squad?

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