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Mark Salling Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charges

Mark Salling

Tea Drinkers this is some really juicy scoop! I can assure you that you'll never be able to watch Glee the same way after hearing this.

Mark Salling who played Puck on Glee, just plead guilty to possession of child pornography. To much it even grosser the minor was prepubescent. Ugh. Mark signed a plea deal and he has got a lot of punishments coming his way.

The actor agreed to spend between four and seven years in prison. DAMN! Mark will also be placed on the sexual offenders list and can't talk to anyone under 18 unless an parent is present. He also isn't allowed near schools, parks, pools, playgrounds etc, after his release. AND finally he must pay all the victims $50,000 and enter a sexual offender program.

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That is a lot, but he deserves it. I just don't know where he's gonna find $50,000 because we all know his Glee money is gone and all his savings went straight into his lawyers pockets. The mess! Mark is going to spend at least 4 years behind bars and with a face and body like that - he is gonna need all the luck he can get!

Back in 2015, Mark downloaded thousands of child pornography pictures and videos and was reported to authorities by a girl he was previously dating.

Are you surprised to see Mark plead guilty? Sound off in the comments!

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