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Shade of the Week: The Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology

I decided that I was going to shake it up for this weeks shade! Instead of choosing a publicly shamed celebrity or an annoying real housewife, this week I am looking at the Church of Scientology and the cult that it is. For decades the "churches" evil practices and weird beliefs have ruined lives and torn families apart. The churches dark secrets have been kept hidden but now with the help of Leah Remini and other former members speaking out, they are bringing all their dirty secrets to light and raising more awareness to the disgusting things that go on in the church.

Well I use the word church loosely. Scientology isn't a real religion. They only reason that Scientology has been recognised as a religion is so they could evade taxes and make billions in profit. All their elaborate churches and headquarters across the world have been made from slave labor. The Sea Org which is made up of the churches most dedicated members built these places and are paid $50 a week - if they're lucky. Slave labor is just the tip of the iceberg when to comes to the churches scary secrets. If a Sea Org member steps out of line they are sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force where they do manual labour for 30 days, sleep for 3 hours on a wet mattress and eat food scraps. This is how humans are treated and because they are so brainwashed and manipulated the victims believe that it must be okay to be treated that way.

There have been countless accusations of abuse and sexual abuse that was allowed by the church. The leader David Miscavige has beat people up with his own hands and and gets away with it because his brainwashed victims think that they must deserve this abuse, if the leader is mad at them. Also where is David's wife? Shelley Miscavige hasn't been seen since 2007 but there's rumours that she was spotted at a gas station near Gold Base, which is a Scientology base in the middle of the desert where they hold their prisoners. Does that sound normal to you? That a church would have prisoners locked away? And how scary and culty are they trying to be with having a military style base in the middle of the desert. Talk about sterotypical.The Gold Base also has an unused $10 million mansion that was made for their founder L. Ron Hubbard's reincarnation to earth. What a waste of a mansion, because that guy is never coming back.

Even if you look into their beliefs it would take years to finally have a full understanding of what they believe in. There are different levels you can move up in the church. At one level you find out the "creation theory" that the founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote. It basically says that trillions of years ago there was another planet just like earth, then they took all the bad people and put them on a planet with volcanoes - which was earth. Then someone dropped a bomb on the volcanoes and the bad people exploded and their parts went into babies and these "thetans" which they are called, are the reasons for any of your stress and anxiety. WHAT. THE. FUCK. How high was Hubbard when he wrote that one? And you aren't even allowed to question it or they get you in trouble. This isn't a religion, it is a dicatioship. David Miscaviage runs Scientology like Adolf Hitler ran Germany.

There is also a sick obsession with celebrities in the church. David and his crew try and recruit celebrities so that more people will join. The worlds most famous Scientologist is Tom Cruise who has his own mansion that was build for him in the Gold Base. All of Tom's famous marriages have been affected by his so called religion. The executives in the church managed to break up his high profiles marriages to both Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. John Travolta is also a celebrity scientologist, word on the street is that he tried to leave a couple years back but the church leaked the story that he was gay and that's why he stayed. I don't know how true that tea is but it sounds realistic. Will Smith and Jada have also denied being Scientologists but there have been lots of shady money donations from them over the years and the way they raise their kids are definitely in line with the Scientology teachings.

This cult and their leader David Miscavige need to be held accountable for the evil reign of power that they have allowed over the church. They are brainwashing and scamming good people out of millions of dollars for the sake of their own selfish needs, Countless lives have been destroyed by the church and they need to be taken down. The church will probably come for me and publish a website about me after this article but I don't care. In the immortal words of Kenya Moore: don't come for me unless I send for you!

Thoughts?? Sound off in the comments!

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