Blac Chyna Is SUING The Entire Kardashian Family!

Blac Chyna

How many lawsuits can one family possibly have? Blac Chyna is a problem and I'm surprised that Kris Jenner hasn't shut that mess down already.

Word on the street is that Blac Chyna is suing the entire Kardashian family. Chyna is claiming that the girls made it so difficult for them to film Rob & Chyna that E! had to pull it off the air. Executives at E! clapped back saying that she show was cancelled because Chyna refused to film with Rob and they've got recipets to prove it.

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Keep in mind, Chyna is also suing Rob Kardashian for domestic violence while him and Kylie are counter suing her for trying to kill him and destroying Kylie's house. The mess of it all.

Blac Chyna and her attorney Lisa Bloom need to calm down on all the lawsuits. I know Chyna is thirsty for money but she can find another way to make an income. Maybe Chyna could get back on the pole with Tokyo Toni! BLOOP!

E! and the Kardashians have the top lawyers so I don't think Chyna will see a dime come out of this lawsuit.

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