Kathy Griffin Slams Andy Cohen After He Pretended That He Didn't Know Her

This just shows that the talk show host is petty with a capital P!

Andy Cohen was at LAX when a TMZ reporter stopped him. The reporter asked Andy about Kathy Griffin and he replied with "Who?" The reporter tried for ages to remind Andy of who Kathy was and he just pretended he didn't know her. It was a very bizarre interview. Who does he think he is? Mariah Carey?

When the comedian saw the video she took to Twitter and fired back with this response:

The feuding celebrities worked together for years when Kathy had her own show on Bravo but obviously there is bad blood between the pair since Andy replaced Kathy on CNN's New Years Eve Special with Anderson Cooper.

Kathy also fired off at Anderson Cooper recently when she called him a "spineless heiress" after he announced that he was no longer friends with her after her Trump photoshoot scandal. Miss Griffin KNOWS how to throw the shade!

In my opinion I don't think Andy has ever liked Kathy. I think he was jealous of her relationship to Anderson and for years he's said passive aggressive digs about her on WWHL. This tea is intense.

Check out Andy's TMZ interview below!

Who's side of the feud are you on? Sound off in the comments!