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Shade of the Week: Kevin Spacey

Normally when there's a public scandal I don't like to pile on the disgraced celebrity, except this tea is too hot to not talk about!

I'm sure by now everyone is filled on the news that Kevin Spacey allegedly sexual harassed a 14-year-old broadway actor when he was 26. The acclaimed actor tweeted that he "didn't remember" and then tried to divert the attention to the fact that is gay. Him not remembering a situation like that makes me think that it isn't the only time he's tried to get something that's not his. If you know what I'm saying.

If your nearly 60-years-old and you've been with men all your life, why when your accused of sexual assault would you then choose to tell the world you like dick? I don't get it? This is a PR stunt gone very, very bad and I'm not too sure if Kevin can work in Hollywood again. He got disinvited from some Emmy event and then his acting classes got cancelled. This is only the beginning of a really shitty time for Kevin.

A new victim is claiming that Kevin grabbed his balls, then flashed him, invited him back to his hotel room and then gave him a watch to keep him quiet. THEN, Kev's team asked for the watch back! If we got assaulted, at least let him keep the watch!

After the news broke Netflix announced that the sixth season of House of Cards will be its last due to the whole, you know, molestation situation. If I was one of the other actors on the show I would be PISSED that I lost a pay check because Kevin couldn't keep it in his pants. He is the main character on the show so it's not like you can fire him and it's not like they can supporter a sex abuser either. The mess of this!

If this was an isolated incident then that would be really shitty to lose everything over something that happened 30 years ago but to quote the great Bethenny Frankel: pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein tea broke, which I consciously haven't been reporting, dozens of high profile celebs have exposed powerful people who assaulted them or have talked about their own stories of assault. All of these cases speak to a bigger issue which is: why has everyone allowed misogyny and sexism to run rampant in Hollywood for all these years.

At the end of the day Kevin Spacey has spent a lifetime building his career and becoming one of the most acclaimed actors in the world, but now all he will be remembered for is his grabby hands and coming out moment ever! Proceed with A LOT of caution Kev!

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